steering jerk ??

When I turn my wheel in the probe it wont do anything then it will just jerk off to the side, and when I hit boost it pulls hard left, then goes right when I let off…the guy I got the car from said its the steering rack missing a tooth. what do you guys think? I dont want to yank it unless I absolutly have to. I got a parts car, just have to pick it up, so the parts aren’t a problem. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Well I’m no pro, but here’s my idea…

Pulling left under boost… I would think has to do with one tires having better traction, OR better contact in the tranny…

Going right when you left off… coasting, or while braking?

If the steering rack was missing a tooth, I would THINK it would steer, but where it’s missing a tooth, wouldn’t steer, then when it passes that gap, steers again…

My car does something similar, but it only pulls to the left occasionally under WOT.

When braking, it pulls to the right.

Good luck with finding the solution… I hope it works out for ya.

yeah its doin it alittle when i put on the brake, cuz it only has one lmao. i yanked the master cylinder/brake lines cuz im replacin em once i get the parts car here. that steering thing is the only thing that bothers me. i know id get some torque steer but nothing this bad. i dunno maby a bad ball joint or somthin?? :gotme:

Bad ball joints as far as I knew, made the squeaky bed noise…

When I’m driving, I’d say 35+ When I turn the wheel quick to one side, it feels as if there’s mad bodyroll.

Like… it feels like the wheels go, THEN the body goes a second later.

A friend suggested I check my sway bar… which a quick visual inspection looked fine.

Don’t kill your car, but I’d try that, turn quick (don’t jerk the wheel like you’re trying not to hit a dog) Just turn quick, to change lanes, and see what you feel the car do.

Keep your radio off to listen for noises too. Also, get those brakes fixed ASAP man, that’s not safe. If you need a hand I can try to find a day or 2 to help you out, I work Monday, then I have court Tuesday, then I’ll be off until Saturday, plus I gots lots of tools.

Oh, and I also know a cool trick to bend brake lines… (if they’re not prebent, or don’t fit like OEM)

Figure out what you need bent, where the bend needs to be, etc… And you can use anything round… sockets, old pulleys etc… Heat up your line with a propane torch, and slowly bend it over the pulley or socket. This will help avoid kinking the line.

EDIT: Torque steer is under hard acceleration, I deal with it under any hard launch, and mainly ONLY when shifting, when I get on the gas after a shift is when I feel it, I rarely feel any torque steer any other times.

hmmm i dunno…ill have sumody who knows more about it take it out when i get the brakes on there. its sittin in my yard lol. it aint goin nowhere withought brakes.

Hmm then you aren’t as crazy as I thought you were… :biglaugh:

could something be messed up with the diff?

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well all i can say is that it sounds like torque steer to me. Either it is a problem with the diff as odds are it is an open diff or you may have an alignment issue that is causing pulling under acceleration

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is there anybody i can take it to to check that shit that wont cost an arm and leg? im not workin now cuz i fucked up my shoulder.