STM's 2014 Subaru BRZ Project

Brand new with 42 miles on the clock.

First mod: STM Banner :slight_smile: lol

Definitely adopted, but coming home to live with this family means little brother has a name to live up to.

It’s not even officially winter yet and I’m excited about Spring! Can’t wait to get a photo of the STM white car army all assembled and ready for battle!

The BRZ is sitting on the dyno ramp right now waiting his turn… to get laughed at! It’s a good looking car, drives very solid, handles corners, XM, navigation, nice interior, heated seats, HID’s and for under $30k, I was personally thinking about buying one… once STM releases a turbo kit of course :slight_smile: We have all winter to start making parts!

Stay Tuned.

White car army indeed haha. I’m sure the BRZ will get proper treatment indeed!


Nice! I really like the idea of a BRZ, just feel like it needs A LOT more horsepower, and somehow I feel like you guys can take care of that!



Being serious, I’ve always loved these cars except for their lack of power. I’m sure STM will fix that big time.

Hopefully they keep to the spirit of the car and make it a fast track weapon instead of a drag car.

With this little, agile, RWD body… This will be going sideways more than straight… Indeed. :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys/girls do with this one. I’m sure it will be top notch as always :tup:

Has emery ever owned a Non white car ? :lol:

Your shop looks like a doctors office with all the whiteness and florescent lighting

He has a black A5 now. and had the black GTR. couple red ones, a yellow one, black M3, black 350Z. Never green though. Orange… had that GSX for a while, but never green or purple. Taste the rainbow!

First round of abuse and testing :slight_smile:

Factory Specs:
Weight: 2729
Dyno: 163 HP / 135 TQ
Drag Race on the Dyno: 15.9 @ 86 (2.2 60’)

Complete with factory window sticker… doesn’t get much more legit than that!

Up on the lift right now, and looks like the exhaust will be the first thing. Lightweight is ALWAYS key… especially for a little car like this! We will be developing bolt-on (N/A) parts first… then we will see about the turbo kit over the winter!


Off topic… how accurate is the Dyno 1/4 mile versus an actual 1/4 mile, especially on the faster cars?

That rear end looks tiny. How much power do you guys think it can handle?

There are a few shops that say they reliably run 400whp on stock motor/trans/rear end. Element tuning had 400 iirc in their time attack car, then it started on fire.

Quoted from element tuning.

"I’m kind of on the fence now about what happened but we’ve been racing the car hard now boosted, Hydra EMS, and E85 and winning races. We started having overheating issues amd if you look at how most of the turbo kits are for the FRS/BRZ you will not how much heat is right there next to the radiator. Street guys aren’t in as much need for massive cooling like us road racers.

In any even we’ve been working on flow through the radiator etc but I’ve been finishing my timed laps with the coolant temps in the red for about 12 race sessions. I know bad but you know, I like winning. LOL! It would never have a problem on the dyno or the street only race conditions. Finally at Ultimate Track Car Challenge we had seen the water trail from what seemed like a pin hole leak. In went a bottle of radiator stop leak and I hoped for the best but I got the worst!

Now as the car overheated the Hydra would always go into limp and drop HP probably saving the motor. The leak appeared to be fixed as I finished my first lap so I stayed in it and I think the head gasket blew, hydrolock, rod through the block and then the oil fire. It just burned out of control from there.

Now I’m thinking its possibly another failure given rod 4 broke. The car has been pulling some wicked lap times given my relatively low power as our corner grip and speed has been huge. It’s very possible I spun a rod bearing due to oil starvation. We’ll only know when we tear things down"

Awesome! I envy your shop practices. Give me the secrets.

I don’t think we’ve ever really tested them back to back. On a slower car like this, it’s kinda fun just to watch and giggle, but once they make power it’s a little scary, but very cool!

ls1 swap hurry

Looks like a fun project…