Stolen 1993 240 Coupe

So last week some bastard broke into my underground parking and stole my 240.

It was a White 1993 Coupe

Red top SR20

Silvia front end, w/ GTR grille, front licence plate cut out like SCC project Silvia

custom rear set FMIC

Sparco Monza recliners on custom mounts that won’t bolt into any other 240

This is all the noticable stuff, there are a ton of one off, super identifiable things about the car.

I will try to post some pictures soon.

If you see the car, feel free to do bad things to anyone inside.

plate number?

Plate number

VFC 455

Good (ish) news.

The EPS have recovered my car … have not seen it yet so I ahve no idea what sort of shape it is in.


really??? shit i would have thought with all those goodies that woul have been chopped up by now!! good to hear they found it!!