SUGGESTION:2011 fastest/quickest 1/4mi thread

since always updating the WOT thread, there are several cars who are no longer on there or haven’t ran in years are still on the list.

i feel as if this would be more relevant and easier broken down by year instead of having it all clumped up in one section.

i can even keep it updated.

like i said, just a suggestion, lmk what you guys think

you will be near the bottom anyway, so why do you care? :hug

I agree completely

just not a fan of its all clumped up now n shit

Good Idea

Its suppose to be a list of the fastest cars in the area. Not a yearly list of the fastest cars.

I think we should just do a major update to the original thread. Clean it up.

yea i understand that, but it should be a yearly list kind of like they do on EVOM.

i agree with pete. update with what is relevent and on this forum.


Keep the old and make another one for this year. No reason to shit can peoples old times, since we all work hard to get on there.

Vote #32 for new 2011 1/4 times sticky

and i think a dyno hall of fail me be fun too. for a running total of graphs and benchracing data

Just keep it simple , anyone that wants to be on the list run 11.6 or better for imports or 13’s or better for domestics and you are in.

ummm why not the same time for both?

this is pretty simple and efficent


I dont plan on ever being faster than a 14 lol, but it would be cool to have a list of current runs.

He’s just saying beat the current slowest times and you’ll be added to the list.

we should also have threads for STOCK turbo,piston,lifter,door clips,break pads,all season floor mats,air filter record in that order. ya know how they do it up in EVOM

maybe just have someone mod the current list to updated times and no longers… why add another thread with most of the same info?

who the fuck cares

how about just a thread about who SSmokinn beats and who beats SSmokinn?


100 shot…


and 200.

and we can measure it by car lengths!

That thread would see 10x the action the WOT thread does LOL