Tesla Model III (3, Three) $35k


Winter driving is about the right tires, so no issue there.



I figured I should post this here instead of the Trump thread.

the current proposed plan by House Republicans calls for an immediate repeal of the $7,500 tax credit per electric vehicle.

Mother fucker…

Also, my delivery estimates got pushed back a month. I edited my earlier post.


^ That’s unfortunate. The current plan started to reduce the credits after 200k electric vehicle sales for each manufacturer. Instead of cutting it entirely it would have been better to simply scale back those numbers and eliminate the credit entirely on EV’s priced over say $50k. At some point the government has to get out of the subsidized car business and let capitalism sink or swim the market but this early in the development is probably too soon to cut and run. Subsidizing the development at this stage is a good investment, at least as far as the regularly priced cars are concerned. Offering a $7500 check from the taxpayers to someone buying a $100k Tesla is just stupid all around though.


Exactly. This would hurt the affordable electric car market, not the luxury one. It probably wouldn’t stop Tesla dead in its tracks, (They have a ton of international orders anyway) but damn will it hurt.


Maybe not the right place for it but it’s kind of related… They’re also going to let the federal tax credit on solar expire. That one was set to expire anyway but a lot of people were hoping they’d renew it. I can tell you without the federal credit it wouldn’t have made financial sense for me to install my system. That’s another industry that probably isn’t ready survive on it’s own and we’re only helping the country by subsidizing it. Well, we were helping until our shitty trade deals allowed us to basically kill most of the US produced panels when we started importing Chinese and Korean panels instead but that’s for another thread.


Without corporate welfare Tesla would not exist… obviously.

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I wish the govt would pay people to buy my air cylinders. :slight_smile:


Ahem… GM, Ford, and Chrysler… :lol:

I know you’re mostly joking. I get that people had a problem with the government helping them, but I’m not so sure they would have disappeared without it. In their current form they are simply reaping the benefits of existing laws. DT would call that smart. Their initial jump start loan from the government was taken at the same time that Ford got theirs, right before GM and Chrysler had to be bailed out. And they paid it back 9 years early. Not to mention that the barrier to entry for the automotive world is already insanely difficult.

So I think it just would have taken a lot longer to grow, but they would have survived. We’ll never know…


Even if the govt gave me only a measely million, what a difference it would make in my success. Oh well, I will just keep borrowing and paying interest the rest of the commoners.


I don’t agree that the tax credit should be removed from $100k+ E-cars like Model S/X yet.

Premium cars are where the margins are high enough to almost make electric cars viable. Tesla could not have started with the Model 3, they had to do as they did to build the brand first.

There was a strong counter-article in a Canadian paper earlier this year accusing Tesla of being a false-economy in that it’s demand and supply was largely impacted by subsidy and is not a viable company without it. i’ll try and find it. The article cited European countries that ended the tax credit for buyers and the units Tesla was selling per month dropped to near zero once the subsidy was gone.


The funny thing is if Tesla dropped the price by the same at as the tax credit, do you think that would effect sales? No, because you are not sticking it to the man. lol


Conflicting reports saying parts of this car are being assembled by hand…

Tesla employees say to expect more Model 3 delays, citing inexperienced workers, manual assembly of batteries
CEO Elon Musk has already had to disappoint eager customers with Model 3 delays due to manufacturing “bottlenecks.” Gigafactory employees expect he will have to, again.
Tesla employees say the company was making batteries for its Model 3 vehicles partly by hand as recently as mid-December.
Employees also said that quality control workers were not experienced, and two said that some batteries are leaving the factory with a potentially serious defect, a claim that Tesla vigorously denies.


They apparently aren’t doing much in the way of quality inspections. This is completely unacceptable for a $20k car let alone a $50k one.



Yikes. But I’m be more worried about what you can’t see.


Damn. I think he’s nit-picking some of this but I had high hopes for this car:


He must not be looking at a lot of American trucks. I have awful gaps on my 40k truck. And it’s only a year old.


Really? What truck, I think the big brands are all doing extremely well. 40K truck… you get the base model? lol

As a father I’d be worried about the rear doors not having a mechanical open option. The power cut is also somewhat worrisome when you could have made it easily accessible.


2016 Silverado LT, Allstar package. Pretty basic. Think it was actually 34k. My front bumper gaps are bad. On the pass side I can prob fit my fingers in the gap. Driver side is a little better. I know the paint sucks. Chips very easily.


Track day driving video, doesn’t look bad!


sucks that you can’t just get more fuel when you want to keep going


Apparently there is a nearby Tesla supercharger station to Laguna Seca so he just went there, did the quick charge, and was back at the track.