Tesla Model III (3, Three) $35k


A guy I work with got his maybe 6 weeks ago. Of course he has a Model S P90D so I think he got first crack at the 3?


Sasha anis is developing a lot of gear for the Model 3.

he did the development for KW on their coilovers and started this company:


He is racing model 3’s already and Elon Musk retweeted his results this weekend.



here is the article:


So tires, wheels & suspension / brake bits and the base model is legit @Sasha_SG


Wow, can’t wait to see the build quality on these tent city cars.

Oh, and the tent isn’t air conditioned. I’m sure building cars by hand in the CA heat does wonders for the fit and finish of the final product. :smile:


Sasha interviewed at TMP:


Haha sweet tent. If any of the big 3 did this the media/employees/customers would loose their minds. Need to see someone racing one.


Elon making bank on the Three?

Sandy is now much more positive about the car after his team finished its analysis and figured out that the Model 3 has an impressive profit margin of about 30 percent.

“The Model 3 is profitable. I have to eat crow; I didn’t think it was going to happen this way, but the Model 3 is profitable,” Munro says in the video. “No electric car is getting 30 percent,” he continued, referring to gross profit margin.


Till he loses it to the pedo…




The comments are brutal.

“I say you take the car private. These public versions seem pretty shoddy.”

“Tesla and Elon Musk are deeply grateful for all you beta testers out there. How else would we know our bumpers don’t work in the rain. You don’t expect us toactually test these things properly, do you?”

" Well I mean … the thing was put together in a tent by ‘borrowed’ staff from other areas of the organization… so… 😂"

“So much for using water-soluble fasteners to save on production costs…”

“Bumper to no Bumper warranty?”

“Sure hope they use that Gorilla stuff rather than Elmer’s when they build mine in a few months.”





I would not fix that. Imagine the collector value, like a misprinted album cover, or double struck coin.


Man, twitter is just savage on the model 3.




Did you see the top youtube comment?

“Shaggy got pulled over for something other than weed lol”



This is how my M3P was delivered in August 2018, cant imagine how my car passed final inspection… :face_with_hand_over_mouth::flushed: They tried to fix it on the day I took delivery because I complained about the obvious mega panel gaps, they couldn’t fix it, I’m still waiting for body shop appointment. What would you do? :worried:


Is that the trunk? nbd. lots of places to adjust that.