Tesla Model III (3, Three) $35k


Looks like it. I mean, for someone who’s car-oriented it might be an easy fix. But for a n00b it might be perplexing.

For all the shit I hear about these online I’ve never seen one in person that looks really fucked up. :man_shrugging:


When I was working in LA we had a few X’s and S’s as benchmark vehicles and up close you can really tell the fitment of most body panels were shit, especially the gullwing doors on the X.

Fuggin rocketships though.


Track mode drift video:

With Track Mode, which is designed specifically for use on closed autocross circuits and racetracks, our goal was simple: use that same motor power and torque to make cornering on the track feel just as natural as forward acceleration.



What no one is quite saying out loud, though, is that a 1:21.49 snips a lifetime-like 1.29 seconds from Randy’s recent lap in the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. The new time essentially matches a 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 and even beats a former Best Driver’s Car winner, the 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia (1:22.30). Until the new BMW M3 shows up, that perches the Model 3 atop the podium as the world’s quickest sport sedan—at least around this track.


our boy Sasha did this:


Getting disqualified because the dude in the 10 year old sti was getting gaped by a EV and cried about it. Pathetic


Cars were stalling while driving through wildfires in California due to low oxygen levels, it made me wonder how a tesla would do. :slight_smile:



I saw that DQ article in Jalopnik this morning. Bullshit whiny people, and even worse bullshit handling by the governing body.

Crazy that a fairly stock EV podiumed, right? Eye opening.


Jalopnik calling @Sasha_SG a baby:

Afterward, the two drivers, Sasha Anis and Cameron Rogers, played up the disqualification: Poor babies.

I spoke to Anis briefly, who backed up the events in the video but has not responded to my requests for comment since Global Time Attack reached out. We’ll update if he or Mountain Pass Performance gets in touch.