Texting while driving


emergency personnel are exempt, IIRC


So would reading the news paper be illegal? Darwin says “excellent”…muahahhahah

Be responsible !

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So cops are just born to be better at talking on their cell phone while driving than the average person?

I highly doubt that any phone call they get is work related.


…or it could be something to with with the fact that they are trained &/or certified in all kinds of things… like operating multiple radio arrays as well as in-car computers while on patrol.

I swear people on this forum don’t think.


texting is obviously far more dangerous to do while driving than talking on the phone.

even if more regulations and laws were put into place… and they were enforced more… STILL - that would not have stopped this girl from playing on her cell phone out on a country road in the middle of nowhere where there is little traffic and less police presence.

so still it comes down to common sense… if you can use the device without issue, that’s fine… but you have to know when to, and when it might be a safety hazard…


that would never pass. cell phone companies and partners have deep pockets, not to mention the fact that the lawmakers are some of the biggest users.

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Being one of the people that tried texting while driving even on the thruway, i was hitting the rumble strip often. becuase i dont have all the stupid numbers and letters memorized or some bullshit.

What got MY attention was in the Rochester D&C there was an article about a possible law of banning smoking inside your own car. Its MY car I can smoke in it if i want to. Somehting about second hand smoke being next to the car and the butts on the roads. close your windows and gtfo.


in 5 years if you dont have both hands on the wheel at all times the cops just going to pull you over and shoot you in the head.


when i see people looking down at thier phones now i drive past them and slam the horn. scares the shit out of them. maybe it helps them learn to look up rather than down

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I text while driving. I text while riding a motorcycle too.

A Quick Stupid Question
A Quick Stupid Question

you know i once thought about this and how they would do it. the steering wheel would absorb the touch from your hands and if both of them arent on the wheel the car shuts off. now i know there are flaws, but of course with anything there is. i think its a possibility of someting to come in the future.

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yeah flaws like, if you drive manual…


If smokers weren’t such assholes it wouldn’t be an issue. I’d actually support this law, just because every asshole smoker seems to think the world is their ashtray. It really pisses me off every time I see a smoker flicking a cigarette butt out their window.

“I don’t want to use my ashtray because then my car smells”. Hey, asshole, fuck you. You smell like that all the time, so who fucking cares what your car smells like?

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Post a PIC of your latest purchase.

alot of the newer cars have integrated the shifting right into the steering wheel. u never know what they will do with cars in the future. with the way this government goes they would find a reason to make a law banning manual cars.




I think that playing with your phone while driving should be illegal! I am in a driver risk intervention program right now (due to speeding tickets) and most of the people in there got tickets because they wern’t paying attention. The 4 girl crash came up in class, and one girl in the class disclosed that her second ticket to put her in the class was running a red light while looking down at her phone!!! holy sheet!

actually, most people in the class are there for not paying attention in one way or another. which scares the hell out of me, cause on my motorcycle its something I have little control over. I don’t want to get rear-ended by a 45mph SUV while waiting at a red light, or get smacked in the right leg by a ton and a half of steel by some person running a red light.

I pull over and park to use my phone, I think other people should too. ur controlling fucken 3500 pounds of steel for christ sake, pay attention!

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I admit that I will read a text msg while driving. It’s simple quick and only takes less than a second of my attention. I don’t do it while changing lanes or making a turn. I’ll do it when I know it’s safe to look down. I use what I would consider “good judgment”. I will not, however, respond to text msgs until I get to my destination or come to a stop at a light. I will just not take that risk.

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haha saw that on reddit