The Apple Car Thread

So are they building it or not? There is a lot of speculation out there.

From the Onion:

After dominating sales of smartphones, tablets, and other electronics, Apple is reportedly secretly designing its first car, code-named Titan. Here are some features of Apple’s rumored car:

Windshield features four times as many pixels as reality
Full vertical integration with Apple Gasoline
Driver prompted to sign into iCloud before each gear shift
Compatible with most major roads
Recommends new driving speeds based on user’s past favorites
Sleek, unobtrusive airbags
Cup holder
Windshield cracks easily, though car typically still works fine afterward
Sticker price of $85,000 drops to $199 with two-year Verizon contract
Wheels turn into rainbow pinwheels whenever car stalls
Lightweight but powerful enough to careen across six lanes of traffic and through guardrails of overpass
Comes with couple of cool Apple stickers

I’m sure that Apple has had teams of people working on a many secret projects over the years. Probably only a fraction of them ever have/will see the light of day.

That being said, they certainly have the cash to pull it off.

LOL at the onion.

Marketed toward teenagers and asian women: Lightweight but powerful enough to careen across six lanes of traffic and through guardrails of overpass

Well the recent reports have them pulling a lot of automotive minded people to their staff, so naturally everyone is asking why.

I’d love to see them do this a-la-Tesla.

Maybe they are facing a crash Auto industry style and decided to bring in those who know how to fail best?

If they decide to compete with Tesla it will be amazing as competition breeds even more innovation and in that market it could be great. Increasing performance and decreasing price is a win/win.

I’ll wait and buy the Samsung knockoff that looks almost identical, comes with 3x as many useless features but randomly crashes into the ditch for no reason at all.

i read the 4x more pixels than reality…lol

i would bet that apple is bringing the brains into their org moreso to develop integrated products for automobiles rather than actually building full on cars. Apple outsources most of their production anyways doesnt it? i know outsouricng production does exist but not on an apple scale…

blackberry is already in the space as well for the software aspect and Ford just opened up an office in silicon valley to integrate culture and technology as well.

If it looks like that I don’t think anyone will buy it but apple fan boys maybe?


Blackberry is over accept it

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People are buying this gem from BMW


Atleast the Sammy will allow you in, bet the Apple will always be locked

Saw one of those i3’s charging up in downtown Raleigh last weekend. They’re cool!

How do you know the GPS will be powered by Apple’s Maps? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a Renault that they put a Apple logo on.

I’d buy this:

Good luck affording that damn iGas for $20 a gallon because you know it won’t run on anything else. But hey, it just works…totally integrated experience!

That’s no Alliance I tell you…

Think that’s bad, just wait until you have to send it back to have a crack in the windshield repaired by an iCar genius.

they’ll market them like iphones. 10 mile range model for $20,000. 50 miles range for $80,000, 100 mile range $100k

Isn’t that already Tesla’s go to market strategy?

Now I’m excited. And just think of the white iTires with welded lugs!