The Commonwealth vs. Steelcity6

Im back bitches … Ive been away a few years but thanks to the appeals process I have returned…Only to find so much has changed. The members of this once proud and happening site are all but gone now. Sad actually…but not to fear I think its time to breath a little life back into this forum.

Wow back a week and so much changed…

Yeah not much action on this thing anymore.

kinda frustrating…i still see alot of the guys but i guess since facebook everyone just kinda bailed…oh well …ill keep checking in…

good to see you back joey! hopefully didn’t drop the soap too much

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happy birthday too


^haha. Nice seeing ya in hobbytown awhile back…Stillve the nova?

yeah rob…almost got it back together…

Oh shit its on (ja-rule voice)

my nucca…still runnin hondas man?..No hate but shit still aint no replacement for diplacement

u know i am finishing up a turbo build for upcoming season think i have like 8 or 9 currently lol


Good seeing ya Dan…hope to see ya at flashlights

Yeah. I think facebook killed forums. oh well back to photochoping inspection stickers.

lmao…who would do such a thing

I wish shaggy would at least put up a new state of the union…I mean nothings been the same since Obama