The hard way to gut rear pre-cat

FInally got the pics uploaded from the cam…

Hybrid Cat-Back… nota horrible shot. that bend is not as bad as it looks from this angle
2 of the rear pre-cat right before I gave up
Some of the bits I was using
Another shot of the cat-back and the hammer I was chiseling with…
the 50 fucking pound drill I ended up using once the Crapsman burned out. That bit is probably over 3/4" in diameter… just to give you an idea of how big it is.
Nice shot of the Hybrid DP.

The drill was so big I had to angle it into the pre-cat just to stand it up under the car. The craftsman burned out after about 3 minutes. I gave up cause it was super hot under the car, and I had a piece of steel in my eye. It got past the goggles… and fucked up my eye pretty good. The piece he pulled out from under my eyelid was about 3 pentips wide… and 1 pentip tall. I had a lot of scratches on the eye ball, and some scaring on the eyelid.

Yikes hope all that was worth it, is this before or after the car took a poop on you?

That morning…

I did this for 6 hours… went to the river and took some pics. Hopped in a boat with Big Hands… on the way home the car didn’t feel right… dropped my brother off and then it locked up./

jack, how much did the d/p and cat back cost?

lol i still can’t get over the piece flying in your eye, thats nuts

did u get that transfer case figured out?

Ahhh… My eyes!!! The googles, they do nothing!!!

Hope your eye’s okay Jack, having had something like that happen to me, I know it hurts like a REAL bitch even after its out for quite awhile. D/P does look good though (expected nothing less from Hybrid).

Nice jack. Hopefully you get it going again soon.


dp/catback was 900ish

Damn man hope your eye is OK. I was going to gut my pre-cats, but then I got a killer deal on downpipes :tup:

Did you post the same exact thread on every forum you’re on? :lol:


are u gutting the new cat or before hybrid did the exaust

he is gutting the precats, which are in the O2 housings just before each downspout in the downpipe assembly

Only those that know what pre-cats are. WNYDSM wasn’t so lucky.

This is a pre-cat. It is basically 1 of 2 “mini” cats that are immediately after the turbos. After the downpipe combines the 2 into 1, there is a main cat. The front pre-cat was eliminated by the downpipe, the rear pre-cat had to be gutted, because it is part of the o2 housing on the rear turbo.

looks nice, dont mess around with shit in ur eyes though, hopefully u got some drops for any sort of infection.

Looks like you are having a fun time :roll2: , That exhaust looks pretty good. Hopefully you will get it up and rolling soon. Hope your eye feels better soon.

Up and Rolling right now. I just have a gas light on because I’m poor.

oh yeah, your dad wants that transfer case off the porch lol.

turbos sound any louder ? :slight_smile:

turbos are louder… i spool just to hear them.

which is why the gas light is always on.

I need a tune so badly.

And I’ll get the t-case off the porch when I get home