The Healthcare Reform Thread


I’m bored…


healthcare needs some huge changes and fast. Jobs arent paying enough to keep up with the rising rates, and that for those of us that still have jobs/insurance.


I hate the bill…


I am not in agreement with the bill that is being forced through right now, but I do think that it is time for some wholesale changes.


I’m about 50/50 on the bill itself, frankly I don’t think it does enough.


OBAMA’S promise “I pledge. No family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase.” Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, NOT ANY OF YOUR TAXES."

WASHINGTON – Two of President Barack Obama’s economic heavyweights said middle-class taxes might have to go up to pare budget deficits or to pay for the proposed overhaul of the nation’s health care system.


I only bring this up here because I do not think we can afford this bill, as a nation. Contrary to what some people want to believe we can not sustain current deficit spending levels.


Any American should be able to see a doctor when they needed to. Call me a Marxist if you want.

That being said, I have zero faith in a government run healthcare program being anything but a fat pig that taxes the shit out of the productive members of society. As for this specific bill, I’ll have to take the time to at least skim it before I comment. I trust the media these days less than I trust the government, so I won’t comment without reading it for myself.


When I want something I work hard and obtain it. Health care is no different. I do think some restrictions should be added to the private sector to make it stop inflating costs as much. Nothing more. I hate the direction the US wants to go. Just fueling lazy people who want everything for nothing, feel entitled, and my favorite is to punish those willing to go above and beyond their peers. YAY!


Health care has no business being a for-profit industry. Our current system is as bad as if you called 911 because your house is on fire and you had to charge several thousand dollars on your credit card to get the fire department to come out. Or if you were being shot at and they charge you some ridiculous amount if you want the police. People bitch about government “rationing” of coverage, but private insurers do this every day. Only difference is, the government plans treat people in order of who is the sickest. Private insurers treat people in order of what helps their bottom line.


Here’s what the House’s plan, which I like much better than the half-assed “compromise” Senate plan, would mean in each district. Most of this board is probably NY-26 and 27.


So the thousands that lose healthcare everyday are the lazy people?

Healthcare is becoming unobtainable. I would rather see my taxes go up for a public plan rather than my paycheck deducted for a private insurance. :tup:


Yes I believe that when people have good work ethic, get an education, have a positive attitude, and are personable you will not have a problem making it in life. If they are eligible they should join the military. Oh wait you mean have to work hard and serve my country? F that I want handouts! :tdown:


Nice unbiased poll sir.



and the poll above sucks.


I actually somewhat like what Joe said as well. I just don;t like how easy it is for SOME people to apply this logic to almost anything until they think everyone deserves a load of free stuff just for stealing oxygen.

and the poll above sucks.


Stealing oxygen? That’s why I meter the shit. I suppose we should just start handing that out for free now. :2fingers:


Might as well start handing out anything you can get your hands on. Hell im thinking I might throw all of my personal possessions onto the interstate tonight. I am sure some poor, fat, lazy person needs some new stuff for FREE! But if by mistake a well off person grabs something we will bill them don’t you worry. lol i keed i keed


Rights don’t cost money.


What a simplistic view. You can work hard be a good person, be educated and still not afford healthcare.

Do you even see that the skyrocketing cost of healthcare is a problem? We have 50,000,000 uninsured with millions of people underinsured. Tens of thousands of people go bankrupt every year due to medical costs and that number is only going up.

What is your suggestion for fixing this problem? And don’t give me that “hard work will get you health insurance” bullshit because this problem has gotten well past the “hard work” argument.

Why is it you are so willing to give so much of your money to a health insurance industry that has a history of abuse on society?

Please Read:


So food, clothing, and shelter are free now?
And we already give the poor people Medicaid. This wouldn’t change anything with that except make it cheaper. The people getting the “handouts” would be the ones who are currently working for employers that give them the shaft on benefits, or those overpaying for health insurance that doesn’t provide adequate coverage.