The Healthcare Reform Thread


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No, no, no, Cap and Trade has nothing to do with Healthcare!!!:cjerk:


wow, cant say i didnt see this coming from a mile away. The carbon tax was basically the number one topic at copenhagen this year. We will all pay carbon taxes by 2011, not just us, everyone in the world will.


it would all depend on the implementation… if you like the idea of a flat tax, you’ll love the VAT tax. It gets collected when the product is manufactured then gets refunded along the way until the consumer pays it. Just like universal healthcare it’s something that is coming, it’s just a matter of when.


^Yeah, if there is NO INCOME TAX any longer.


I need help understanding one part of this bill.

If I understand correctly, insurance companies cannot deny you coverage for pre-existing conditions right?

So, if I wanted to, I could drop my health coverage (lets assume that that it costs like $2k/year). Then I would pay the $700/year (IE, save $1300). However, if something were to happen to me (I needed some coverage, but it wasn’t an ER type emergency), I could go out and buy a plan at that time and the insurance company cannot deny me my coverage. So what is to say that people won’t do this? I know the majority of people (especially familes with young children) can’t make that work. But it for people like me, who don’t really visit a doctor much and have no major issues, I could probably save some coin.

Does this make any sense? It seems like they wrote a law that allows you to scam the insurace companies.


One of the 16,000 new IRS agents will determine the amount and kind of insurance you must buy.
Yeah, unconstitutional. There is NO way this thing will ever happen without huge changes.


in 2014 you will be have to have insurance or else you get fined. until then you could do what your saying.


also, lets say you’re riding your bike and get hit by a car. are you going to tell the amberlamps to go away and come back in a couple days after you pick up health insurance?


As I stated…clearly will not work for ER emergencies.

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Right, but paying the $700 fine is WAY cheaper than what some people are paying for health insurance.


I guess if you don’t have a pot to piss in then it’s a great plan to trick the system… otherwise I’m not sure I’m willing to risk nothing major happening.


I won’t risk it either…plus my health insurance is dirt cheap. I probably pay less than half of the fine.

I just find it silly that the lawmakers would think it is ok to allow this to happen. I wonder if there are any details beyond what I am seeing, that will prevent this.


Umm, that is what car insurance is for.


how does that help you when the car leaves the scene?


LOL are you knobs really arguing over the details of his hypothetical “what if you need insurance in a hurry?” scenario?

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This is why we can’t have nice things.




Fox is calling it a huge win for Obama.

A new Tax! I cannot wait until November.

Edit: It seems they really don’t know what is going on yet.


This is a super long & complicated decision, no one has read the damn this in total yet. Stupid media.


it’s clear enough to say it’s staying…

what the states do and what penalties there are will get interesting.


America has a choice RP or RIP. (I can say that here:) )

It will be interesting to see what the market does.