The last movie you've seen, and rate it.


Really? I thought Jack Reacher was kind of lame. The acting was meh, lines were cheesy, and they tried too hard to make Jack the ‘badass’ vigilante. And the ending… wtf…


Pacific Rim: 7/10

This one surprised me because from the trailers it looked awful. Did have to suspend the engineer/scientist part of my brain a bit but it was a fun action movie.


Gravity - 7.5/10 . Really good movie with great acting. imax effects were awesome. Plot and wrap-up was a little weak. When compared to other “disaster survival” stories like life of pi, which had a brilliant premise/lesson/wrap-up, this one just seemed somewhat empty.


I hope this was a girlfriend choice too. I’ve seen it, and I actually enjoyed it. Mainly because I went into it expecting it to be a steaming pile of garbage and was pretty surprised. Pretty violent for a chick flick


i agree with you but i thought the sniper story-line was really good, robert duvall’s character was cool and the fact that when the guy came out of the coma at the end he admitted / assumed committing a crime he didnt commit… just a few cool touches on what was otherwise a pretty formulaic mid-budget tom cruise movie with a shitty title.


Pacific Rim was pretty awesome. I’d give it 8/10. Just saw Gravity and thought it was equally as awesome but the cast makes it 9/10.


Just watched Mama last night. Not as creepy as I was expecting but made up for that with an unexpectedly sad ending. 6/10


Out of the Furnace

Saw this last night, and let me tell you…it SUCKED. I haven’t seen a movie where I left as disappointed as I did with this one in a LOOOOOONG time. The idea behind the plot had some promise, but the actual film was very drawn out, anti-climactic, and pretty boring IMO. had I paid for the movie I’d have asked for my money back, it was that bad.


Christmas Vacation- 8/10 Always a classic!


The World’s End (Simon Pegg): 2/10. The wife and I couldn’t even make it through this one and shut if off about 3/4th through. We both loved Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz so this was a big disappointment.

2 Guns: 4/10. I’ve always said you can’t go wrong with a movie with Denzel Washington. This movie has single-handedly caused me to stop saying that.

Smurfs 2: .01/10. It was my daughters movie night pick. You know how a parent would give their child their only working kidney without even a second thought? Watching this movie falls into that same category.

Getaway: 2/10. Hey look, it’s the magic Mustang that plays bumper cars with police but has nothing more than a couple superficial scratches in the very next scene. I’m half way through this movie and will eventually watch the other half. Finishing this movie will fill me with the same kind of self loathing you get when you eat a whole pizza simply because it was there.

Oh, and this perfectly sums up Pacific Rim for me:


Lars and the real girl

Surprisingly good but not something I would have picked on my own.


That movie is the best Christmas movie ever made and a 10/10 in my book.


I think the honors for ‘Best Christmas movie ever’ goes to Die Hard.


Home front 8/10 I thought it was awsome just had some weak points just typical Jason statham movie kicking ass but it was different from others. I recommend it nothing wrong with kicking ass


Saw that Hobbit movie last night… the first 3 were so much better. I remember watching the 2nd one from the first series, Two Towers or something? The battle scenes were NUTS!!! This latest series is just a watered down rehash and isn’t nearly as visually impressive as the first.

I’d also like to retract my Jack Reacher comments. I watched it on a proper TV and it wasnt nearly as good as when i saw it on the airplane.

Watched ‘Flight’ on Netflix the other day, it was pretty good.


Anyone see The Wolf of Wall Street yet? Thinking about checking it out this evening, 3hrs long oof!


out of the furnace w/ christian bale, Forest Whitaker = good time waster, noting special.

Anchorman 2 = AWESOME!

Elysium w/ Matt Damon = not bad, different concept, nothing out of the ordinary.

Cloud Atlas / Hale Berry, Tom Hanks, bunch of other big names = Mind Blown, its worth the watch.


prisoners…awesome movie


my brother went last night and said it was just okay and that the length of the film was unnecessary.


Wolf on wall street was pretty funny i thought but it got semi boring after like 2 hours. could have ended sooner