The last movie you've seen, and rate it.


I just watched Sanctum. Awesome movie and refreshing to see something not of the cookie cutter mold that Hollywood has been releasing lately. 9/10 would watch again.


Rush: 9.5/10 Not just a car guy movie either.


i’ll cosign that. great movie!


Saw American Hustle tonight.


Excellent Story with good acting but it was a little meandering and a little bit longer than I thought it needed to be otherwise it would have been an 8.5.

Still worth going to check out IMO.


Lone Survivor


Liked it alot.


i saw american hustle the other day as well… it was getting a bit long in the tooth but ended well so i can forgive it. def worth a watch.


The secret life of Walter Mitty - 9/10


Prisoners - 8/10 - Hugh Jackman is an incredible actor.

The Fountain - 8.5/10 - An oldie (8 years) but a goody. If you liked Memento/The Prestige/Requiem for a Dream, then watch.

The Prestige - 9/10 - one of my favorites.

Blackfish - Probably the best documentary of the year. However, as with any social documentary, you’re only presented with one side of views. Obviously it’s very skewed, but a lot of the undeniable content is pretty disturbing. Definitely watch if you never want to go to SeaWorld, ever…again. I don’t want to give an “X/10”, but it’s very good and very easy to watch.


Anchorman 2 - Sucked

Wolf Of Wall Street - Really good


I watched the Star Wars marathon on FX this weekend. I might be getting older, but my inner child will always love watching those movies.

I also really want to see Wolf of Wall Street. I saw that it broke the movie record for most F-Bombs too. lol


I watched a lot of movies this weekend trying to get over this flu…

Anchorman 2 - really bad

Side Effects - even worse

Red 2 - Pretty funny but still not as good as the first one.


If you have Netflix and haven’t watched House of Cards, you’re seriously missing out. As good as Breaking Bad.


I’m watching that too but there’s no way I’d put it as high as Breaking Bad. It simply doesn’t have the suspense/action to draw you in like BB did.

Either way, it’s a really good show. You can’t go wrong with Kevin Spacey. :tup:


You’re over selling it. Kind of like how people keep pitching shows as “The next Lost” when Lost was over.

Took the kid to Frozen. 5/10. I’m usually an animated movie fan but this one didn’t impress me or the wife. Way too slow. The snowman was the only high point.


Yea, but there’s an Exige V6 in it…


You just got on House of Cards?!


Anchorman 2- Didn’t laugh once.

The Wolf of Wall Street- Was good, could’ve ended 30-45 minutes sooner.

Grudge Match- Pretty good, laughed a lot. Most movies with Kevin Hart are funny.


I’m talking about quality. Not necessarily content. I blew through the entire series in two days.

Meh, I wouldn’t watch a show described as “The Next Lost”.

As far as watch-ability, character development, plot line and not being able to wait to watch the next episode, it’s pretty damn good. Kevin Spacey kills it. If Breaking Bad is a 9.5, then this should be a 9.


Anchorman 2 - A few alright laughs. Totally sucked otherwise and was WAYYYY too long!


Last month I watched every episode in a matter of two days, lol.

I had to wait for Homeland/Dexter/East Bound to be over to start something new.