The last movie you've seen, and rate it.


im glad we all agree that Anchorman was shit.


Anchorman is definitely going on the ‘Wait to download’ list.


True, I got pretty excited about that part. I loved how they showed off the car’s small size between reaching out both windows at the same time and driving under the semi.


My friend does film reviews, pretty professionally. He thought Anchorman 2 also sucked 2/10 (

Watched Bo Burnham’s “.what” special (on YouTube or Netflix)…9.5/10. Absolutely fucking hilarious. You can tell hi put in a lot of time preparing and crafting everything for the show. THe poetry part I fucking died.



I just watched ‘her’ on a plane… I have to watch it again in a more cinematic setting but I was blown away. Definitely an oscar worthy screenplay.

There was such incredible vision with the writing and joaquin probably is the only guy who could have done that role. Perfect casting on Scarlett too.

It’s the best commentary on relationships, technology, and the future of social interaction I’ve seen. The fact that there are so many asian people as extras among all the white main characters is such a spike jonze thing.


Oldboy 7/10, Bruce Willis twist at the end. Crazy & twisted.


I went and seen Need for Speed last night because there was nothing else to see. 2/10 it was horrible, a couple nice cars but the acting and story line was shitty as fuck I want my money back.


watching it now. holy fuck is it funny!


Rain Man, watched it Saturday for 30 min, holy shit I was bored, how did this get 4 Stars and a 90% Rotten Tomatos rating?


I went on your recommendation 2 months ago and watched this movie on Netflix. I turned it off after 5 minutes and I’m pretty pissed I wasted that much time on it. I guess it’s funny if you like fart jokes or you don’t want to be bothered with the social awareness necessary for other comedian’s to have funny jokes.


Are you talking about Rain Man with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman? If so, you have no concept of what a great movie is all about.


He’s not real. I’m 100% convinced.


Anyone see the new Robocop? I always loved the movies when I was a kid, I hope they didn’t ruin it.


I didn’t see it and I haven’t heard anything about it. But they most certainly did ruin it, I guarantee it.


If he is, I am advancing my buy an island plan up 20 years.


@Beck if you want a netflix comedy pick then check out this one

on the flight home from Hong Kong on sat i watched “42”
let me preface it with the fact that i dont follow sports at all and certainly have little to no desire to watch movies about them but i made the exception for two reasons

  1. i was on a 12 hour flight
  2. it was one of the only movies on demand that i havent seen and wasnt animated

its about Jackie Robinsons transition into the still segregated sport of baseball in the mid 40’s
overall i thought it was done pretty well


The Game,its on netflix,it has Michael Douglas and its from the guy who directed Se7en. Its a good psychological thriller,solid 8/10. A 90’s Gem.

Million Dollar Baby - Eastwood’s Masterpiece,a solid 9.5/10 .


“Bucky Larson born to be a star” came on after a show I was watching the other day. Hands down the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Nick Swardson is horrible.


Prisoners 9
Escape Plan 8
Now You See Me 8


I’ll check it out tonight! :tup: