The last movie you've seen, and rate it.


Hmmm sorry you didn’t like it. I don’t think there was any fart jokes that I can recall and 5 minutes doesn’t even make it out of his first skit into the actual show, it really does get pretty good.


LOL Jeez I just didn’t like it sorry! As far as great movis go my fav is the Shawshank Redemption, much better than Rain Man

EDIT: 2TurboZ - didn’t I inspect your car like 5 years ago when I used to work at Valvo during college? - EDIT 2 - Actually went into my inbox and checked since I never delete messages or emails. Yes you visited my location several times. Don’t buy that island just yet! lmao

It was OK at best.


Filth, with James Mcavoy:

Based on the Irving Welsh novel of the same name (same writer of the novel-turned-movie, Trainspotting), it’s a dark, twisted comedy/drama that I highly recommend. Mcavoy’s performance in particular is incredible, after seeing him in Wanted and X-Men First Class I never would have expected him to take on a role like this. He seems to play the likeable protagonist in most of his fiilms; however in this one he pulls off the crooked, junkie cop in a very convincing way. 8.5/10

300: Rise of an Empire

90 minutes of pure badassery. Basically the same as the original 300 but with more decapitations, and in 3D! Also, the bond chick from Casino Royale is the antagonist. You get to see her boobs. 10/10 (the tits, that is). 8/10 for the movie


I watched the wolf of wall street last night.

6/10 It was entertaining at times, but I thought the casting sucked and the story was thin.

Last week I watched: The best offer

9/10 this was one of the best movies in a long time, the less you know about it when you watch the better it is.


negged, wolf on wall street was awesome


seriously, you negged me for a disagreement over a movie rating?

simple pleasures for simple minds I guess.


you clearly do not understand how this site works lol


That’s what it’s for, lol. No one takes rep seriously.


oh I don’t care, I was just surprised somebody would bother and then post about it.


saw this on sunday and have to agree 100%


Need for speed was pretty cool the driving was real and good


@Jon, if you liked the game, see Oldboy


Is there anyway to make the reps more negative? I’m not satisfied with only one red bar.


Probably a stupid question but did you go to UB for engineering? Me too


Need for Speed was horrendous…
could tell the team knew nothing about cars other then what wikipedia and video games taught them.

the girl was talking about how many “see eyes” engines have.


Yeah but forever ago, I’m an old fuck. Today’s my 26th bday -_-


i’m 27. graduated in 2009. Were you in SAE?


Yeah but barely, there were so many members at the time, I stuck to doing some simple stuff, rearranging cost speadsheets for Brian (I think was his name) he was one of the seniors with like 5 other guys. Then they graduated and the whole thing fell apart, can’t say I tried hard to be part of it, I worked full time while going to school full time, mostly hung with the guys to do HW together.


so terrible it was funny, I mean, Emilio, how could you go wrong…


saw Grand Budapest Hotel wednesday…

SUPERB film. if anyone knows of director Wes Anderson, you’ll know what to expect. I REALLY enjoyed it…great cinematography, stacked cast (lots of awesome cameos) and a very interesting story line. Will watch again and post likely purchase dvd when it’s released.