The last movie you've seen, and rate it.


Oh man, that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks.
@Motocrossx23 you need to watch this, right now.



It’s funnier that we both were like, “this was terrible and awesome” lol


The Amazing Spider Man 2 - 3/10 - How do you have a super hero movie without a villain for 80% of the movie? And the inter-personal conflict dialog was so bad I was expecting to see a George Lucas credit somewhere.

Captain America, Winter Soldier - 6/10 - Better than Spider Man but really just more setup for the next Avengers. While I enjoyed the the anti-big government vibe throughout I could’t help but think through most of the movie “If they’d just call Tony Stark they could have fixed all this in about 10 minutes”. Captain America must have Tony’s number in his phone right? They saved the fucking world together once so I’m sure they’re at least Facebook friends.

Homefront - 7/10 - They should have just called this Jason Statham punching people really hard. But it was entertaining and allowed me to retreat to the home theater hung over from the block party while the mother-in-law was visiting last weekend.


Still can’t wait for the sequel, despite its terribleness.

Also, I died laughing at the part about not using the sword until 2/3 of the way through the movie. I know for a fact one of us busted on that when we were watching it.


I know right??


300 #2 -7/10 I watched this movie with the mind set that I wanted to see lots of people fighting and it delivered. Pretty on par with the first movie.

the grand Budapest hotel- 8.5/10, this movie was awesome. Not the sort of in your face notice me right now awesome, but in a more relaxed casual awesome. Some cool guest actors, super funny situations and overall a wonderful plot. I feel that if you liked movies like the Holy Grail you’ll love this. It’s dry, but not as dry as British humor.


Josh and I saw Interstellar the other day… it was excellent.

alot of the gravity, physics, relativity, black hole shit was over my head and it will be over most’s but if you go with it the movie is very good. a couple big reaches in the screenplay when he’s behind that bookshelf but very engaging nonetheless

i would predict a couple oscars nominations for screenplay, score and effects


Interstellar timelines below. Some of this is actually more confusing that it needs to be, lol:


Sexy Beast (2000). 8/10. Definitely one of those movies where I sit there and think “WTF just happened?” but in a good way. It has a sort of Guy Ritchie feel.


just came in here to post about interstellar.


id prob have to see it again to grasp everything fully but it spawned some nice science debate on the way home with the gf


on that interstellar tip


Chef- 6/10 Excellent storyline, but I could tell it was written by Jon Favreau.


Man, movies lately have been lame…


While I agree it was all Jon Favreau, it was also meant to be. It is an allegory of his career.

I really enjoyed it, and would go 8/10.


Yeah, I didn’t get that part of it, but I agree it was good. Everything just happened to fall into place so quick, it just didn’t seem realistic to me.


cant wait to see this


looking forward to this now too:

i just started the series and am half way through season 6. should be done by new years :slight_smile:


I feel about the same, I was happy I saw it in theater, it was a “big” movie.

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Top of my list…

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I love hearing Morgan Freeman’s voice, so I’ve watched a ton of his Through the Wormhole. I understand a lot of it at a comic book/tv series level. Definitely enjoyed the thinking part of Interstellar.


Her - Absolutely loved it.


22 Jump Street…Thought the first one was hilarious. This one was a fucking dud.