The last movie you've seen, and rate it.


Yeah,how 22 jump street got the reviews it did, is beyond me.


It’s actually rated higher than the first. I mean there were like 2 parts that were funny…that’s it.


This was definitely a good flick, but it could have been at least 30 minutes shorter and achieved the same result.


“The Imitation game” - 8/10

It’s about how a team of mathematicians and linguists broke the Enigma machine in WWII, but also has some gay-rights stuff thrown in at the end…very good acting throughout and quite an intriguing story. I enjoyed it.


Interstellar 9/10. If you’re into science and space you’ll love this movie.


Birdman- 9/10 Awesome ending!


Gone girl-8/10 will make your view of woman less trustworthy than it already it.

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QTF! I looked at my wife after watching this and VERY SERIOUSLY asked if she was going to kill me when I was sleeping! Total mind-fuck of a movie.

John Wick - Gross violence, 8/10 for a straight shoot’em up kill people like there’s no tomorrow brainless movie. Did actually change clips and have a realistic count of how many bullets a gun can shoot before it needs reloading. It’s not a “thinking” move, more a body-count type movie.


HAHA, x2 on both statements! I counted as well, weird lol.


Neighbors - Ehhh, 6/10


Went out to the movies for the first time in probably 5 years last Saturday. Saw Run All Night with Liam Nieson. The movie was good, or maybe it was just the experience because it’s been so long since I’ve done that.

On another note I would never have gone if it wasn’t for the lady wanting to see it. When he came out as pro-gun control it really turned me off.


Jobs w/ Ashton Kutcher - 9 out of 10, went into the movie with negative intentions.


I expected a lot more from this one based on the previews. Agreed, pretty “ehhh”.


So far the best movie I’ve watched this year was Gone Girl. I watched Dumb and Dumber 2 the other day,it was mostly lame and the jokes felt very forced,it did have a few funny moments, 2/5.


Chappie - 9/10. Saw it twice in theaters, may go see it again.


Got to go to a pre-screening of Furious 7 yesterday. 8/10.

All in all a good action movie, probably some of the most unrealistic sequences of the series so far however. Ties well into the other movies, lots of pretty wicked vehicles, and as always some solid one-liners. Definitely worth the watch.


Theory of Everything 9/10 amazing acting

Kingsmen 8/10 great movie. Some pretty dorky scenes though


how’d you score that?

i’m not expecting it to be realistic at all… would be disappointing if it was.


John Wick: 5/10.

Maybe I had set my expectations too high based on a few friends saying how good it was. Or maybe an hour straight of Keanu shooting people in the head as they line up and attack him basically one at a time just got boring after a while.


That movie sucked. I should’ve stopped watching after the terrible dog scene in the beginning.