The last movie you've seen, and rate it.


Get out of here with that hate


“Here’s an idea, lets all shoot at him from about 10 feet away. There’s 20 of us, this will be over in 2 seconds.”
“Are you crazy, no, lets all walk up to him until we’re within arm’s length, one at a time, and then try and shoot him.”

I don’t have a lot of tolerance for just stupid writing anymore. This movie is to revenge movies what The Transporter is to car movies.


But he runs out bullets and reloads!


And conveniently all the people attacking him one after another just stop and wait for him to finish reloading.

Go watch Man on Fire if you want an awesome revenge movie.


Man on Fire is an excellent flick.


Insurgent (Insurgence?) - That awesome that I can’t remember.


predestination, I ended up watching it twice in a row 9/10


St Vincent

9/10. Pretty sure I cried at the end. Also, not nearly as funny as I thought it would be considering the cast. It was a dark movie, but really well done.


Furious 7… 10/10 Tried to start a slow clap at the end but no one bit. people suck


lol… awesome


Well played


i think we can all agree this move was completely unrealistic on a level nearing comic book status…

if you remove the painful moments between Vin Deisel and Michelle Rodriguez it’s good entertainment.


The rumor going around is that the 8th installment will involve time travel or a sci-fi theme to keep it fresh.


22 Jump Street, I liked 21 better.



22 Jump Street wasn’t that great.


F&F - 6/10

The Gambler - 7/10



I really enjoyed this, probably more than others being in the industry, but I say an 8.


I caught the first half of that movie on a flight and immediately bought it once I got home. Definitely worth seeing.


Interstellar - 8/10 (if you ignore the Grandfather clause) it’s a pretty solid movie.

The Jinx - 8.5/10 - Absolutely awesome and super easy to watch. Probably the best documentary cinematography I’ve ever seen.

Going Clear - 8/10 - Pretty good and another “easy watch” but watch ‘The Jinx’ first.

The Wire - Just binged watched 5 seasons and god damn. 10/10.


yeah wife and i gotta do this again