The last movie you've seen, and rate it.


I just marathon watched all 3 seasons of Silicon Valley and its one of the funniest shows on HBO and TV in general since Curb.


Fate of the furious. 7/10. It’s getting old, and it’s not the same without Paul.


you should watch “crashing” on HBO


I’ve watched them all before, but now I’m trying to do it again before the new season comes out. One of my favorites for sure.

Seeing it tonight. Expectations are low.


man who knew infinity 7/10
Not a fan of the ending, but with true stories, life happens


Same, 7/10


Everyone is sleepin’ on The Foreigner.

It is literally astonishing how ambitious that film is. Not quite the pacing or action or fight sequencing of the Taken or Bourne films but the script, plot and characters are amazing. Very interesting roles and treatment for the minor female characters too.

It’s not perfect. I think they maybe had a couple too many plot lines though it all flowed right off the main plot.

Easily best Jackie Chan film i have ever seen and not at all cartoonish.



Blade Runner = 9/10 - I’m a sci-fi nerd though.
@bing have you seen it yet? You loved Sicario and this is similarly filmed.


yes i did see it and i did like it alot, probably just as much as you did.

you should see the foreigner though. i’d go see either one again.




i will be there opening night


Tomb Raider 6/10


oceans 8 sucked. not nearly as good as the Clooney versions.

Solo… average. Not the best Star Wars movie.

just watched Blade Runner 2049 again… it’s excellent.

looking forward to Sicario 2 and Mission Impossible next month.


Den of Thieves - 9/10. Absolutely loved the movie and the twist to it. I highly recommend seeing this moving if you have not.

Thor: Ragnarok - 8/10. It was good action packed but also had a great amount of humor with it. Taika Waititi beign the director as well as playing the one guy that’s made of rocks made the movie much more funny and entertaining.


I saw “A Quiet Place” not too long ago. 9/10 for me


Annihilation: 5/10

It was a solid 7/10 until the last 10-15 minutes when it got pretty dumb.

Also, I get the whole #GirlPower movement thing in Hollyweird but you need a better explanation of why you’re sending a team of women, all but one of which has little to no combat training, into this incredibly hostile environment than, “We tried men before”. Here’s your M16, this is the boom boom button, good luck.


I was going to read the book before the movie came out, maybe I’ll still do that and skip the movie.


Solo - 8/10

I thought it was a well made movie. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan to which I’ll be for or against a movie based on the previous movies. When rating this, I’m just going with how I liked this on it’s own. It was a great action packed movie. Some predictable parts. But all in all it was good.