The last movie you've seen, and rate it.

#2281 anyone post this ? works for me.

gf wanted to watch that amy schemer movie - was actually pretty funny. planning on watching that Leo Revenant tonight


I use rainierland but this is the address I use:

Not sure how that website is even still up, been watching movies that are out at the theater or even before for many months now. Quality is not the best, but for free and in the comfort of my house it’s just fine for me.


You must be a purist as Episodes 2 and 3 were good if not great. Episode 1 was cool, only because it was the first Star Wars I saw in the theater. I missed out on the return of the original trilogy at the theaters due to school. The Jedi and Sith battle at the end of Episode 1 was pretty cool.

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I thoroughly enjoyed Episode 7 but was really disappointed in the emo Sith Lord. I bet he cuts with his lightsaber.


Combat Skills ARE Force skills, she just didn’t know it yet…


Amazed at the amount of graphic violence.


13 Hours : Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. 7/10

For a Michael Bay movie, it really wasn’t half bad. This is probably the best movie he has done since “The Rock” like 20 years ago. It didn’t seem to have much of a political agenda like I thought it would. :tup:


Sisters 1/10

Terrible Jokes, Zero plot (Not that comedies have a high standard for this), Fey and Poehler do not look good on a 30’ screen. I think I let out 4 mild chuckles in the entire 2.25 hours.

Last time the bitch ever gets to pick the flick.


the big short

they really did a good job dumbing it down for the avg person who didnt realize just how much of a massive fuck up it really was.



Anyone see Leo’s documentary: Before the Flood? I haven’t watched it yet but I’m stoked to do so.

I did however watch The Revenant the other night. 8/10. Good story and great acting with spectacular scenes and natural landscape. Leo is good at what he does. :tup:


Moana 7/10 One of those kids movies that’s actually enjoyable to watch with the kid.

The Revenent 6/10

I really wanted to like this movie more, but this honest trailer sums it up better than I can in words.


Sitting around watching movies is why all your rides (at any given time in their brief stay with you) need AC.


saw Hell or High Water last night… it is supposed to be one of the best of the year. It was quite good. Think ‘No Country for Old Men’ but a bit softer. Not as much a thriller.

there’s a strong economic narrative throughout and another interesting part if how the gun carrying texans factor in to things… i havent seen a film that touched that subject so nonchalantly


Hell or high water was good,loved the part before the standoff when the rednecks tried to play hero.

Passengers was pretty boring,minus the CGI.

The Accountant was decent,worth the watch,reminded me of John Wick.


Masterminds: .5/10. Seriously, just avoid this one. Pretty sure I was drunk when I watched the trailer and added it to my download queue. I should have just shut it off when I realized 3 of the 4 chicks from the Ghostbusters reboot were in it.

Middle School, the Worst Years of My Life: 7/10. It was the kid’s pick and I went in with low expectations but gotta say I actually laughed a lot at this one. The twist hit the wife and I hard too… like “oh fuck, didn’t see that coming at all”. Had some great satire about how we’ve gone from teaching to turning kids into nothing but test taking machines too.

Star Wars Rogue One: 8.5/10. It was great. Much better than Force Awakens honestly. Little bit of a slow burn as they introduce the characters and they really did nothing with Forest Whitaker’s character. And yeah, if you’ve seen A New Hope you probably know how it’s going to end but those are minor things. Go see it if you haven’t. Fuck the Han Solo origin story, just give us a movie with Chirrut and Baze going around the Star Wars galaxy doing space kung-fu.

Dr Strange: 8/10. A little different than your typical Marvel Movie. Benedict Cumberbatch was a great Dr. Strange. I have a feeling watching this one at home is going to be a letdown, even with my home theater and 100" screen, just because I don’t have a 3D projector and the 3D was amazing on this one (and I’m not usually even a fan of 3D).


Suicide Squad - 4/10 and 2 of those points are because of Margot Robbie.

I usually don’t watch a movie and get upset that I wasted any time watching it. About 2/3rds through, I went to turn it off, but realized it would actually be more of a waste of time to only watch 2/3rds of it.


Hell or high water- 8/10

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Dead pool : 9/10


Hell or High Water: 9/10 This movie really held my attention and kept me on the edge of my seat. I think I liked it because it was so believable.

Arrival: 7/10 Neat concept, some interesting stuff going on here.

Deadpool: 7.5/10 Fun blow it up movie, his girlfriend is awesome.

Hacksaw Ridge: 8.5/10 Really good movie based on true events. Pretty crazy that something similar to this actually happened.


Anyone seen The Founder yet? Looking forward to that one…


Papa - 7/10. I watched it on a plane to kill some time but it ended up being pretty good. I’ve always been a fan of Giovanni Ribisi for some reason.