The last movie you've seen, and rate it.


I’m going with 8/10. The “bad guy” wasn’t convincing after he took off his mask and it seemed like the death star on steroids was repetitive…not to mention Ray became skilled enough to battle it out with a light saber, and win, after 36 minutes of becoming aware of the force.


I agree on the Death Star repetitiveness. The “bad guy” is only 1/2 of true “force” blood though. Han has ZERO and Leia has it. We don’t know who Rey is related to. Is she Luke’s daughter? Obi Wans relative? The force might be WAY stronger in her. You forget that Kylo got shot before he started to battle with the lightsabers. Chewy shot him in the gut.

I thought the new character development was very good. They didn’t overdo the movie with CGI like episode 1 did. The fighters looked just like the 4-6th episodes. The storyline was great!


Well Luke’s parents both didn’t posses the force so Kylo has just as much potential as Luke. Hard to say who Rey’s parents are. Since you don’t know much about Luke’s life after the last movie she could be his daughter. Could even be Han and Leia’s. Gut shot or not, I still find it hard to believe she gave him a challenge.


Luke’s dad was Darth Vader. He had some force in him.


I thought the new Star Wars movie was awesome which was refreshing since I had low expectations. DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THE ORIGINAL IN A THEATER BACK IN THE 1970S? :smiley:


Yes at a drive-in.


I don’t remember the theater but I remember being blown away when that star destroyer came down the screen.


Saw BigShort a couple weeks ago



yeah it’s worth seeing but not a great date movie or anything… more for dudes who are bored and need something to do after dinner but before the bar or something.


Star Wars The Force Awakens: 7/10. I really enjoyed this but it felt a little too much like they ran A New Hope through the copy machine at 10x resize. I get why they did it after the whole George Lucas ruining the prequels with new nonsense like Jar Jar and midichlorians but couldn’t the ultimate weapon have been a shape other than round with a trench that they flew an X-Wing along to reach the critical “shoot here to blow up” point? There were even on their way do making it different by sneaking on the ship and planting the charges but somehow it still had to come down to a hot shot pilot flying down a trench and making some crazy shots to blow it up. Still, I’m nitpicking. It was fun and went a long way toward making up for the three total turds that the prequels were.

The Martian: 9.5/10. Best movie I’ve seen in years. I’m a bit of a space nerd so that may have influenced my opinion.


You’re seriously giving the Martian a 9.5 but Star Wars a 7? You’re crazy.

Reverse those two ratings, IMO. The Martian was above average and a solid good movie, but it wasn’t a 9.5.


If you want a 9.5 you have to go indie… and its free. :slight_smile:


The Fighter w/Mark Wahlberg (spelling?)

8/10, I enjoyed it


Saw star wars tonight… aside from every scene with general Leia I thought the entire movie was excellent… much much better than expected.

It was clear that they spent a great deal of time on symbolism and the greater narrative. Every scene was well paced and well written. They didn’t over do the female strengths, didn’t over do the inter racial issue etc.

And… I don’t know if you guys saw it but they had some very clear commentary on gun control in this movie. The whole thing was surprisingly ambitious exactly what the franchise needs. I actually give a shit now about star wars. I’ll probably see this one again.


As a fan of Science Fiction it should be noted that Start Wars is actually not Science Fiction, it’s Science Fantasy. And as a Science Fiction fan I’m always disappointed although the visuals are great. [/nerd]

I thought they remained true to the underlying story between good & evil and it was certainly entertaining.

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It took Luke what seemed like months of training and the help of Yoda to learn the ways of the force when this new chick does it on her own in like 5 minutes. Uhhggg. I pointed this out and my girlfriend noted that “women are more intuitive” than men :slight_smile:


I agree on her use of the force but her combat skills were already there. She was quite skilled with that staff. Plus, nobody (yet) knows of her origin. Maybe she’s Yoda’s child, lol.


lol, so you’re saying that obscure Star Wars porno was actually Episode 6.5?


Ask J.J. Abrams! He knows for sure!


Raise your hand if you are going to see the Revenant.:tup: