The last movie you've seen, and rate it.


Kingsman 7/10
I liked it more towards the end, but I also drink throughout the movies I watch, so that could effect my ratings.

The church scene made me lol. Jacksons lisp or whatever it was is very annoying.

Edit: Should I not post pics v.spoilers?


It was post Serpico. Its Video On Demand on Time Warner. to be released on Netflix in the fall.

Serpico was in the 81st These guys were in the 75th


Last week I saw Avengers Age of Ultron and I’d give it a 7.5/10,shits about to get real when the infinity stones / gauntlet are getting mentioned more and more.

Today I saw Mad Max Fury Road,this one is a solid 9/10 . Take my word that this movie is rad,not a single person on this board would dislike it. The vehicles and motorcycles in this movie are insane,very gritty rat rod type stuff and everything has a giant roots blower sticking out of the hood.


Mad Max- 14/10… unreal


saw bond opening night with @Onyx_Z32

it was pretty good. probably not as good as skyfall or casino royale but good nonetheless.

a few weeks ago i saw sicario

i think this was only in limited release… but it was awesome. 9/10 on a convservative scale… i would see it again.

they are making a sequel based on Del Toro’s character.

see it asap


Bond, 8.5+/10, would watch again.


i saw Spectre today as well…



I saw Bond as well, kinda disappointed with the girl image…usually it’s a hot brunette.


The Gift - 8/10 - Great movie, isn’t completely over the top (like most thrillers), is pretty suspenseful and keeps you guessing…oh, and Joel Edgerton is the man.


+1 on Sicario being a great movie, one of the most suspenseful movies I’ve ever watched. That convoy scene.


Short film called - Kung Fury 15/10 lol loved every second of this flick. At 30min it is just the right amount for all the old school style kung fu cheese.


I took you as a huge hentai fan. Lol j/k


Kung Fury is awesome.


I’ve seen this maybe 5 times, 10/10 for sure.


went to the drive in last night to see these two crappers

h8teful eight - 5/10

point break remake - 4/10


The Revenant- 10/10… This is going to be the movie that finally lands Leo an award… superb acting, superb film. Hardy was unreal as a supporting actor as well. If anyone read the book, the movie nailed it.


god dammit ive been itching to see that movie but they arent starting to screen it in san diego until this coming week.

im glad it was good.

hopefully it will make up for the other two i wasted my time with


i agree with point break… however, i thought hateful 8 was incredible… 9/10

QT always has you wondering who’s gonna die at the end and in this one he also had you looking all over the screen in every scene for clues or with the weather and keeping some shots going 15-20 seconds longer than other directors would have.

there were scenes in the haberdashery where there were 5 actors on screen but in 3 different parts of the shot in different places but all relevant to the scene… i thought it was great on many levels and a more interesting movie experience than django and inglorious.


Was there a Star Wars thread that I missed?



Lord of war on netflix. I enjoyed it, 8/10