The latest spitzer money grab.

Gotta get that money for New York City, and Albany somewhere.

Spitzer proposes to charge sales tax on internet stores not based in New York.

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Online retailers will have a tougher time since often the cost of shipping vs sales tax is a wash. I suppose it could help the brick and mortar stores but it won’t help the consumer.

how gay.

it wont happen

they do it for autos, why not start with everything else.

Not to defend Spitzer (because he is one retarded mother f’er) but NY has been trying to collect interenet sales tax since the Wacki Pataki days.
I actually claimed it on my tax form one year because my CPA said there was going to be a big crack down (which never happened because people were so pissed).

I can’t wait until Spitzer finds a way to tax the air we breathe.