The New Ride

The wife got a new ride:

The New Hottness:

Nice… What year?

:pimp: such a classy car.


Great looking 01.5

Damn… i wanted to post them… :frowning:


how many miles on her?



Beautiful car. I have one but a 2.8 30v.

If you dont know, a couple things to watch for are the timing belt and control arms between 80-100k usually. I just did the belt, and the arms will be next weekend. I have 98k on mine.


yes its a 5speed

and i know about the belt and control arms

the arms have been done but not the belt so thats the first thing to do.

that is hot :tup:


If you are doing the belt yourself, has some of the best prices on OEM and aftermarket audi/vw parts.

Good luck with the ride.

Ugh so hot…

alright so whats the first mod going to be??

after the Belt im thinking Chip.

car looks nice…are you guys gonna auto-x it? :slight_smile:

Well, you lost out on that one. Better help him mod it before he does that without you too :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice car :tup:

Shoulda got the station wagon :slight_smile: That car is very nice. A great daily driver!

very nice