The official parking lot assholes thread


See this thread reminded me I snapped this one at Quest this morning (yay for yearly bloodwork).

Why parking curbs need to exist. Any closer to the building and I would have hit his car opening the door:


I should have taken a photo while in Syracuse. Went to some really small diner that gets very packed and was delicious. Anyways, I pull up and this girl is getting out of her car telling her friend to park next to her. She is literally split between 2 spots while the entire park is filled. Her friend went somewhere else. I circled the lot and finally came back. She had her hands completely full and just about to get her kid out of the car. I asked her to move her car to one or the other. Took another few minutes for her to put everything down and get the spot. She literally looked at her car when her friend was there to park and didn’t bat an eye at it like she did nothing wrong. It was amazing how clueless she was.


This thread is picking up steam!!!


Gem Diner by chance?


Walmart on Walden


Kohl’s On the blvd


Beautiful work!




No, it was Rise and Shine Diner on rt 635.


Spotted this awesome disaster the other week in front of Home Depot and Aldes on Elmwood new Kenmore Ave. The car was legit hanging on the curb that it broke off.


Rot in hell asshole!!


Is this local? If so who cares? It’s fucking January and if there’s a motorcycle only spot being wasted I’d park there too.

I see it’s a Virginia plate. I hope you’re traveling and not just searching the internet for pictures of parked cars to bitch about. That’s some 90 year old man shit. Lol


Oh idk, it was given to me by our #1 anonymous donor. Can’t tell what kind of plate but def not NY


Yeah if it’s below 30 and there’s a motorcycle spot…fuck it.


Wherever it is looks warm and green!



Oh man that’s evil genius shit. Why have I never thought of that.


Imagine what another 3oz would feel like at 60mph hahaha




I would totally be on board for this but is there potential that could cause an accident? Or just really shitty driving?