So who is the asshole?

Bet that title got your attention. :lol But its not what you were thinking.

So my parking garage here in Albany is a daily LOL factory for me. between the people that take a left to go up, right infront of a 8 foot wide sign that says “PARKING” with a right arrow, 40 point parking maneuvers with a prius in spots I could park a bus, or the lend of the row diagonal parkers that are asking to get the passenger side rear bumper slammed by people taking a right. Its a cluster fuck to say the least. my car has been hit more than once in the last 6 months there too.

So this is the good one today. Early AM I see the Porsche parked in the middle of 2 spots at the end of the row, all by himself. I come out at lunch time to get something and this is the funnays I found:

So who is the asshole here?

The Porsche guy taking up 2 spots, assuming it will keep his doors ding free???

The out of towner in the Ford that backs it in like a BOSS, and probably had to get out through the trunk.

Or the person in the Accord that probably parked along side the ford last (notice the front wheel left cranked to the left away from the ford).

I think :skid is the Valet parking attendant here at the Crown Plaza!

yea fuck that. these people are fucking dumb as shit.

i really wonder why the porsche wouldn’t just park a cm away from the curb…

it’s a porsche dude, the owner most likely can’t drive well enough to park that close because he’s either A) 55 years old or B) actually a female whos loaded husband bought them the car.

I’d say that’s good way to increas door dings, key scratches, slashed tires, feces on windshield, etc.

Because metric system is for pussies…:rofl

guy at work had a great idea.

tiny pebble under the cap of the valve stem. tighten the cap and the pebble depresses the pin and pisses the air out. :rofl NINJA SHIT RIGHT THERE

How did he get out of the car?

porsche looks like the asshole that lives on my st

Glance at the plates next time.

lol fun game. I guess i say the porche because as stated before, he could have ultimately accomplished the same thing buy just parking noramlly in the spot and thus not pissing everyone off.


maybe the porche parked last and was just trying to prevent some bigger moron from trying to squeeze between him and the ford.


“Early AM I see the Porsche parked in the middle of 2 spots at the end of the row, all by himself. I come out at lunch time to get something and this is the funnays I found:”

dude was all by himself where he was in the Porsche at 8:30am… then at noon 30, I took those pics.

oh yea, forgot that lol

np :hug

So awesome. Ford owner is the fucking man till the end of day. Porsche owner gets in Porsche, drives home to his gorgeous home and parks in his heated garage. Porsche owner is the fucking man in the long run.


I personally would do something like this…except I’d print like 20 copies and shove it in various parts of the car (under the wipers, in the cracks between the side windows and the door, body panel creases, etc.

Boss at my work has 4 spots assigned to him that he shares with the secretaries.


Just put the trailer on the truck and park across a dozen spots. Fuck cars :lol

i had my old truck + trailer + mr2 loaded on it one day when i was working at best buy, parked at the end so i still wouldn’t take up more then two parking spots :lol, trailer was in the hash marks.

Ill admit, even though 40 of us rolled up to a sonic with our Atoms and took over the lot , we all took a giggle when we saw the random Ferrari owner had already taken this spot…

which brought to mind…if you really need to park in paralized parking…your at a SONIC man…they come to you! Why get out.