Would my idea for a new thread be illegal?


Basically went to Wegmans on Losson/Transit yesterday to show up to the busiest parking lot I’ve ever experienced at a grocery store, even the furthest spaces were taken, people were parking in other businesses and others were waiting.

So what do I see? A big ass Tahoe parked perfectly in the middle of two spots like a giant asshole. A cop happened to drive by along that back road to the lot, so I waived him down, said he couldn’t ticket him because rules weren’t posted and it wasn’t a handicap spot, cop also in agreement guy is an asshole.

So I took a picture, and can I legally post it with his license plate showing?

I feel like without the plate, it’s not as fun to start an ongoing “YOU PARK LIKE AN ASSHOLE LET’S SHAME YOU” thread

I’ve come across this before and surrounded the car(s) with shopping carts, but there wasn’t enough room to do that yesterday.

EDIT: Before someone says, " what would you do if the person walked out while you surrounded their car"

I’d be completely ready for a verbal argument to escalate into a physical one as long as I’m not the first to deliver a punch.


There is a facebook group called 716 vip parking. They always post plates so I doubt it is illegal.



Nothing illegal about posting a picture with a plate. Honestly nothing illegal about posting a picture of pretty much anything you can take a picture of in public.


Yep not illegal, the plate is in public.

Also police are limited with what they can do in on private property, which is what Wegman’s parking lot is.

Parking lot assholes are, under most circumstances, able to get away with it.


Pot, meet kettle.