The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


Nike (NKE.N) dropped 3.1 percent in premarket trading as calls for a boycott of the sportswear giant gained traction on social media after it chose Colin Kaepernick as a face for adverts marking the 30th anniversary of its “Just Do It” slogan.

pretty amazing that an add campaign can have this much negative impact on a stock.

New Balance needs to step in hard on this.


I really don’t know WTF Nike was thinking with that. Why would you run an ad campaign that is guaranteed to piss off a large chunk of your customers? Sure, some people will love it, but some will hate it. A general rule is to avoid linking your mass marketed product to polarizing issues.


Because most white people don’t actually care about Nike. It’s the “urban folk” that really spend money on Nike. They are the ones that are going to see this as a beacon of hope that corporate america “cares” about them.


The problem is a ton of those people who don’t care about the sneakers they wear that much still buy Nike products, and they’re the exact people that because they’re not brand loyal at all will go, “Eh, I guess I try Reebok or Adidas this time” over something stupid like this.


In other news, there’s a good chance Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing is going to be dragged out so long Ginsburg will be dead by the time it’s over.


I am pretty sure the people at Nike who made this decision made a metric shit ton of money from it.


Short the stocks lol




The last shoe I bought was Nike just because I liked the looks and fitment, but now I will avoid them lol


I can honestly say I’ve never been as disgusted in politics as I am watching this Kavanaugh circus. Good luck ever getting good people to run for office. I don’t know what happened to Dr Ford or if Kavanaugh did or didn’t do what she’s accusing him of. What I do know is this country HAD a legal system based on the idea that a person is innocent until proven guilty and guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Now you can destroy someone’s life based on a fuzzy memory coached out over months of therapy with zero collaboration or evidence.


What I dont get… if Feinstein had the letter, but only released it after it was leaked (but not by her or her staff) since she wanted to protect Dr. Ford, what WAS her plan for it if she wasnt going to bring it to the committee? Just hang onto it for funsies?


That’s the point. The Dems dont want good (qualified, patriotic, constitutionalist) people running for office.

They want to send a clear message that every man will be lied about on to the brink of breaking him before he is allowed to see a vote. We haven’t even seen what they’re going to do to him afterward yet.

It’s so ill-advised. This guy, whether he is confirmed or not (i hope that he is) is going to make consequential decisions even if only in his current judicial role, for another 25 years. And they are doing this to him.

I’m now hoping he turns out to be as bad for them as they speculate that he might be. And i also do not care at all what happened to Ford.


Honestly I’m okay with this country falling apart. We could use a fresh start.


A. Kavanaugh proved yesterday that he should not have this position. He acted like a total jackass. A Supreme Court nominee engaging in Clinton conspiracy theories? Get the fuck out. If this is some stupid liberal conspiracy, then why didn’t this happen to Gorsuch? Mitch McConnell is an absolute piece of shit, but he is very sharp and good at what he does. Why did he tell trump not to pick this guy? Speaking of Mitch…

B. Merrick Garland. If, moving forward, the confirmation process is to be a political tool and a spectacle, the republicans are solely to blame.


It’s been this way since Bork, probably earlier. The only difference this time around is we have the internet to amplify it.

The most shocking thing to me is how many people are shocked by this.


@vq30de, those are fair points. a based opposing view at least.


NAFTA is now USMCA, details coming.


Borrowed from a friend…
Word is that the FBI investigation is over tonight. Tuesday the news cycle will reveal 3 major newspapers coordinating with Senator ChiFi to spread stories out to delay and give Dems a chance to flip the house senate. The newspapers panicked when DJT said “sure let’s do the FBI investigation” and were granted immunity for the reveal. The FBI has the emails. We’ll see. If true ChiFi and the Left are done.


Honestly I’m a moderate conservative and if there’s anything that’s come from any of this crap is that I’ll be voting red in the elections for quite some time. I was registered democrat after high school and throughout college but I am so over the Democratic left leaning agenda.



Tomorrow I’ll be missing 30-40 students because Buffalo State is holding a “Social Justice Festival” open to all high school and college students from the area.

I want to punch people in the throats.