The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


So a bunch of kids getting all fired up and involved in civics makes you upset? You kind of sound like a snowflake to me. If there’s one good thing to come out of this bullshit, it’s exactly this. I foresee at least some increase in participation in our democracy moving forward. I have considered myself a moderate conservative too, and I utterly despise partisanship, but It’ll be a mighty long time before I consider voting R. Their outright abdication of responsibility to voters, from fiscal policy, human rights and preservation of the environment is an absolute disgrace. Not to mention the light treason…


Man I thought the left was gonna tank after child sex basement in a building without a basement thing??? And Seth rich??? And the deep state??? And all the other verbal diarrhea that spews from Alex Jones?? You keep owning those libs!


I don’t see the correlation between your complaints and the policy of the current administration. can you articulate that a bit more on each point?


Their tax cuts are a scam imo. I think the deregulation at the EPA speaks for itself. Treatment of immigrant children. Etc etc


oh, well i feel exactly the opposite about each of those points…lol


lol, k.


My bank account disagrees with the tax cut point.


Same here. And talking to the owner of the company I work for (a 50ish person tech company) it’s been great for our company’s bottom line as well.

The EPA under Obama had become it’s own unelected legislative branch and needed a serious reigning in.
Just one example:



Who else is hoping Trump slips at least a small troll into the presidential alert systems test at 2:18PM today? Slip a MAGA in there somewhere, but make it subtle:

My fellow Americans. This is
A test of the country’s
Great new
Asset for emergency notifications.


I’m okay with this alert system but I can tell you right now that at 2:18pm it’s going to create chaos at work (every single student’s phone going off at once)…


According to data provided by the Treasury Department, in August 2018, tax receipts—the amount of money collected by the federal government by individuals and businesses paying their taxes—totaled $219 billion, only about $7 billion less than the receipts recorded in August 2017, when tax rates were much higher. Thus far in fiscal year 2018, the federal government has brought in $2.98 trillion, $19 billion more than what had been collected during the same period in fiscal year 2017.





You joke, but someone said to me that it doesn’t matter that overall taxes collected were more. It only matters who they were collected from. Some people are more interested in punishing those they view as “rich”.


But remember that we also increase spending every year, so the deficit can still go up even though we’re taking in more money. We still need to stop spending so much freaking money around the world.


I made it a goal to not pay taxes, this will be my fourth year in a row of not paying taxes. :slight_smile:
Taxation is theft… without consent.


Pretty cool, my cousin Ryan was featured on the Today show. He tweeted something about the presidential alert and they showed a screen cap of it. @ryanmura




Trump Rally in Erie… who’s in?


yooo, details on that?