The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


Suspicious packages sent to Clinton, Obama, CNN, Cuomo, Soros and Holder. Kamala Harris’s office and San Diego Times office evacuated but I haven’t seen why. I guess the call from the left about not being civil anymore was heard by more than just the left.


Maybe the new hashtag will be #BombsNotMobs ?

Shit is really getting out of hand. Doesn’t surprise me at all after months of attacks by the left on any recognizable member of the administration or even civilians with the balls to wear a MAGA hat.



So Josh and I were in Elma last night and I got to meet and take a pic with Steve bannon. Pretty neat that you can watch this dude on the intarwebz and shake his hand and photo-op with him a couple days later.

It’s a shame he isn’t a little more presentable. Really easy to write him off as a nazi, alt-right racist looking like this. But I find his current projects pretty interesting.

I told him I was from Canada and drove down from Toronto to see him. He motioned to one of his team to get me in as his guest to the Munk Debates he is participating in with David frum next week. I gave them my info. I hope it happens, that would be wicked cool.

They were a little taken aback when I tried to get in without a ticket too. I told them I was Canadian and they were like wtf???


Any protesters there?


A band setup across the road and was rocking out for a good portion of time, lol. At one point the drummer walked up to the building with his symbol and was hitting it next to the window trying to distract people… that lasted all of 1 minute.

I think there were maybe 8 protesters besides the band? There were maybe 150 people there max, not including media.


its also fun to try and guess who are the plain-clothed security at events like this. there were at least a dozen guys walking around looking normal but were totally ready to take me down when i reached into my breast pocket for a Sweettart.


Hey Josh, I dare you to fly your drone over UB North around 6pm today. :lol:



very relevant to discuss here.

when they say ‘far-right’ of course we know they mean reasonably centrist.

Brazil is the world’s 4th largest democracy as they say.

Hopefully this translates well later this week for you fine gents and even more hopefully for us next year in the Canadian Federal elections


And Bolsonaro got stabbed in the stomach at a rally just last month.

Oh, and Angela Merkel announced she’s not going to run again for German Chancellor in 2021.


Trump challenging birthright citizenship through executive order…

I’ve read 3 articles in the news today, none mention the guy who wrote the 14th amendment explicitly said at the time it was adopted that “this will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the United States, but will include every other class of persons.”

From the Library of Congress:

(middle column, 3/4th of the way down)


I can’t say I disagree with the sentiment here, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out


so this is him virtue signalling being a constitutionalist?


Can’t wait to see this end up in front of the now right leaning SC. The SC has to interpret the intent of the authors of the constitution and it’s amendments. In this case they have the author of the citizenship clause of the 14th spelling it out clear as day in the transcripts of the session where it was introduced to congress.


Right? Like they can either say…“YEP! There it is!” or say, “well…you see…he ACTUALLY meant…”

If they settle with the latter, you’re going to open the doors for a LOT of shit.


Another gripe of mine listening to the news today is that they keep suggesting Trump is “trying to change the constitution” through executive order. He’s not trying to change the constitution; he’s essentially using an executive order to get the courts (through the inevitable ACLU challenge) to look at the text of 14th amendment and make a determination on “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”.

If you follow a textual interpretation of the constitution the 14th amendment is already pretty clearly laid out.

At the very least this should prove a disincentive to illegal immigration and hopefully result in more people applying for legal citizenship.


I’ve been debating this all day with people on Facebook. I was pre-law in college before I switched to CIS but even with no legal training the total lack of understanding of constitutional law in this country is breathtakingly sad.

As Josh said, Trump’s legal advisors said there’s some legal basis for trying this. Will it stand? Who knows. It’s a win/win for Trump though.

No matter what it energizes his base.
If it goes to the SC and stands, huge win.
If it goes to the SC and gets shot down it still puts the issue front and center and I don’t see absolute birthright citizenship being a winning message for getting the independents on your side. Of modern countries it’s just us, Canada and a whole bunch of countries that people are fleeing with absolute birthright citizenship. When you look at the rest of say, the G10, there are definitely restrictions on the babies of illegals.


The funny thing is because this will be an executive order, it’s temporary and can end as soon as there is a new president. Ironically if a left-leaning organization challenges the order they’ll be the ones potentially “changing the constitution” if the court rules against them.

If liberals don’t agree and they think they can win 2020, then don’t challenge it in court at all. Just rescind the Trump EO after the election in 2020.


Jay can you source that comment about US, Canada and a bunch of shit countries?

is there an article somewhere that lists them?

maybe i’ll go seek out some arguements about this.

Also, i cannot for the life of me get ahold of bannon’s team about the munk debates… frowny face