The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


Trump effect?


Less people are watching TV as it is so I’m not impressed with viewer ratings. Especially younger people who only consume media online.


Yep, they’re on reddit reading r/politics links to The Atlantic.


Fox numbers are up though.


The seasons are changing; older people stay inside when it’s cold, lol.


FNC was +25 percent in total prime time viewers, +16 percent in total day viewers, +13 percent in the prime time demo, and +3 percent in the total day demo vs. October 2017. The network actually averaged more viewers across the 24-hour day in Oct. 2018 than it did in Oct. 2016, which was the month before a presidential election.



Quote Breitbart: “The far-left CNN…”

what amazing rhetoric.


Getting back to the US and Canada having absolute birthright citizenship I’d imagine it’s a lot less of an issue for them being they border the US and basically nothing to the north VS the US and our border with Mexico. I doubt Canada sees much of an influx of pregnant women walking/swimming from Greenland.


you’re right but there are a few non-shit countries on that list other than Canada and the US.

when trump said US was the only one it makes it hard to defend given that Canada is on the list and a few other countries that are becoming pretty decent places to offshore (Panama, Barbadoes etc.)

He’s only like 75% truthful and i’d like to hold him a bit more accountable.

if he had added words like ‘virtually’ or ‘pretty much’ the only nation… blah blah birthright citizenship then it would be easier to MAGA about.


Every word out of his mouth is an exaggeration. When the other side does it, we rip them for it. When Trump does it, we say “ehhh, we all know what he meant”.

It’s hypocritical, and our president needs to do better in that regard.


so what are you boys expecting tomorrow?


My guess is blue wave wipeout in the House, 50-50 in the Senate. Dems + about 40 House seats and flip AZ and NV, lose ND, and come up just short in TN and TX for Senate. Also take some of the governors’ mansions and state houses so they don’t get fucked on the census/redistricting next decade like we did in this one. Massive gains in the suburbs nationwide and basically everywhere with lots of college-educated people…biggest gains being Orange County (CA), PA, and NJ.

Continuation of the demographic shift where blue-collar angry white former pro-union Democrats become Republicans and former white-collar socially liberal Republicans become Democrats. Basically the caravan voters vs. the tax scam/health care/environment voters.

Ironically my old and new towns are both represented by indicted criminal Republicans, Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins. Really hope they both go down even though the demographics are massively in their favor and Republicans will vote for just about anyone with an R after their names.


My prediction, Democrats take the house by 15-20, Republicans pick up one more in the senate.

Or the pollsters still don’t know how to poll team MAGA and Republicans keep both which is a very real possibility.


I’m expecting Cuomo to win.

But I hope his anus contracts some sort of flesh eating virus also.

Larry Sharpe FTW.


I hate to break it to you but a vote for Larry is a vote for Cuomo. Like it or not 3rd parties are throw away votes in this country. Actually in most case, like this one, the 3rd party vote is worse than throwing your vote away because you’re siphoning a vote from Molinaro who has far more in common with Sharpe than Cuomo.


I think it’s too easy to defer to what you ‘wants’ to happen because there are so few sources of unbiased media to properly inform ones opinion.

I think jays is realistic. Keep the Senate, slight loss in the house. But then again, given how massive those rallies have been I would not be surprised by a bit of a maga sweep.


This is what I’m hoping for. I would not be surprised to wake up to the screams of the left like in 2016 because the polls were wrong again and we keep the house and got +5 in the senate.

I will say my polling place was busier at 7am than it was during the presidential election. And my district had no competitive races (I’m just outside Collins district).


I have nothing reliable to base a prediction on overall. Anecdotes don’t count. Poll methodology hasn’t significantly changed since 2016.

And that’s what makes it fun :+1:


Poll methodology wasn’t that far off in 2016. Trump won 3 states by a combined total of voters that could fit in Ralph Wilson stadium. Polls showed Hillary + a few points there but within the margin of error of losing and the last minute email thing caused a late break toward Trump in all 3 that moved it that way. Nationwide polling was pretty accurate. Toss up races tend to all break the same way so we could end up anywhere from 53-47D to 55-45R in the Senate and the polls will still be within their margin of error.

Also, I wouldn’t call flipping 40 seats a slight loss, that’s an ass kicking. Especially with a map that’s designed to ensure Republican control. Gives a lot more attention to governor’s and state house races in states that you have no interest in going to, because that’s who sets those up for a decade at a time. Big ones I care about are governors of FL (always a clusterfuck), OH, WI, IA, and GA.


It’s hard to take anything you say seriously when you lead off with that.

The predicted map:

Every single one EXCEPT Nate Silver had her over 300 electoral votes.

We’ll see later tonight though.

The actual Trump map, just because it’s glorious and triggering every time it gets posted…