The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


No shit, It was a video that had several people that looked like white house or political officials announcing this, I only watched like 2 minutes of what was a hour long video though. Hmm, I guess I should try to find it and post it or something.


bros. what say you all about what Trump is doing at the G7…

He is laying a most savage beating on Trudeau and our protectionist trade policy up here.

It’s incredible. it is going to change our economy up here if he gets what he wants, which i am sure he will settle for a middle-ground… but my goodness if this isn’t a clinic on a world scale about how to be a motherfucking badass


so what are we thinking about the NK Summit?

is it even possible for any future president to match this one or even come close?


Peace in the middle ea…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Sorry, I couldn’t even type that out.


yes that would be something that i think is beyond even trump’s capacity… and i only type that so that i can be proven wrong.


Man, the US just roasted your soy boy PM at the G7. I wonder what cultural outfit Trudeau will go home and dress up in to make himself feel better.

As for the NK summit we’ll have to wait and see if Kim follows through but this could cement Trump’s place in the history books. I know the media is already trying to spin it about NK making these kinds of promises before but there’s a big difference. In the past when we’ve placed sanctions against NK China has ignored them and the US just pretended it didn’t happen. This time with Trump in office he had Xi over to his resort and said something and less than 12 hours later the coal ships were turned around. It’s hard to renege on your deal if you know the sanctions actually mean something now.

This is also the first time EVER that a sitting US president has met with an NK leader. Plenty of former presidents have done it but meeting with someone who has basically zero power is hardly comparable.


yes Trudeau is in trouble. He had to nationalize a pipeline a few weeks back because his administration is incapable of hurting people’s feelings and could not close a deal between the provinces and the reserves.

then last week the conservatives took a majority and the Liberals lost party status.

Trump is crushing it right now.


This is actually pretty solid criticism of Trump here. I like this Fareed Zikaria dude too. His comment on europe creating ghettos is consistent with that i am told from the guys i work with from there.

the new moderate left. it’s a better conversation.


this chick is based as fuuuuuh…

and doing us all great service by taking care of homeboy over there. I think a lot of dudes would trade spots with Assange anyways; getting to roll around with Pam and all. 5-10 in the pocket’s almost worth it.


Middle east piece is gona take Rick Sanchez and some hookah


Travel ban upheld.
Union’s ability to force people to pay eliminated.
Another SCOTUS appointment.

Man what a week.


Keep in mind that the Dems has similar successes in the first few years of Obama and were riding high. It doesn’t last, so we mine the salt while we can:


This is remarkable. Not just for what’s said but for the fact that we can see what would normally be a back room discussion out in the open:


I was so happy this morning to see he didn’t pull any punches at NATO and just laid into them. Sorry Europe, the free ride train stops here. Make way for the Trump Train!


It’s already being called “the red breakfast” LOL.


That’s great.


I’m not a Trump supporter, but I do support the presidency as a position of power, so take that as you will. Hearing him lay into Germany for the bullshit with the Russian pipeline was refreshing. Although Trump sounds like an idiot in the short clips we see on the news, hearing his rebuttal showed that he can articulate his speech in a way that doesn’t come off as idiotic, but in fact demanding and firm. I like it.


I’m sure if the media and their agenda have nothing to do with that either.


Omg, trump is now tweeting about looking into south African farmers having their land taken and being killed and raped and shit.

I can’t even.


I’m low-key glad I voted for trump. I always said I wanted a businessman to give it a shot and it seems to be going alright.