The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


same old BS from China


The Koreas are said to be set to announce and end to their 60+ year war…

I wonder when the Nobel Peace prize will be awarded to Trump?


MSM… “But but but… PORNSTARS!”


it’s incredible.

this NK news is no where at all on any major media outlet… it’s all stormy daniels and michael cohen.


“Incredible”… I guess that’s one word for it. I’d go with discouraging, disgusting, sad, ridiculous, disturbing or just FFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK though.


yes all of those too.

it’s no wonder people are so mis-informed. there is no way to get actual news.


Searching for the word “Korea” in Chrome’s find on page for does find one article…

South Korean actress Choi Eun-hee, once kidnapped by North Korea, dead at 92

CNN: 0
MSNBC: 1, only because they have a menu navigation for “North Korea” on the main page. Props for actually having the story under that sub-section when you click on it though.


how is this not being covered, seriously


Oh you know why, lol.


some korean peeps on reddit saying the source of the info is questionable… more of a blog or culture site rather than actual journalists. this could be one of the reasons it is being under-reported until there is strong verification of authenticity.


Fox is usually more pro trump, so I’m surprised it wouldnt be on there unless its truly fake news.


Okay it’s now mainstream news. Top story on Reuters.

They are being sure to add however that Korean peace is NOT NEW nor SIMPLE… which is an odd thing to say knowing that it is both because of GEOTUS.



so since this guy has pretty much fixed all of the problems already what is he going to do for an encore?

after Iran is sorted out as NK as been where will Trump’s attention turn to next?

what will even be the big issues in 2020?

I was thinking about all this and wondering if and when he would turn his attention to Mexico in full… as in, going after the cartels.


@bing Stormy Daniels is coming to a shitty strip club here in Buffalo soon. We should take your brother.


that’s just weird.


Haha I think she was in Raleigh the other night too. What a freak show.


i have been largely off-line for 2 weeks but did you guys see that she admitted on Twitter that she isnt paying for that Avenatti lawyer dude?


Did I see something about them going after hillary now? maybe its was fake in my facebook news feed.


That was fake news, lol.