The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


Who is excited for Space force? It’s like the air force, but for in outer space. Genius!



OK, it’s my turn

But Muh Russia!

Am I doing this right?



Now that their are sanctions, you’ll see news about how “it’s too late” or “he doesn’t really want them” etc.


from r/politics:

  • It’s not Russia as a whole, just a few people
  • It’s not the sanctions congress approved, so it doesn’t count
  • I’m sure Putin approved of them
  • He gave them enough time to liquidate, so it won’t bother them

… you get the picture.


Just off the top of my head, when Obama did his sanctions after the election it was only for a few people and only a few known Russian properties.


sanctions is the new war. it’s really interesting how badly May needs Trump after this chemical attack thing in the UK. it’s actually a good thing no one else is mature enough to have a military to do anything about it.

but it’s also incredible that Putin is out there doing all this shit and just letting it roll. dude gives zero fucks.


Not your fault, but holy crap the media is total shit:

Publication Which Identified CIA Nominee as Supervisor of Abu Zubaydah Torture Retracts Report

In a March 13 and a March 15 Slatest, Ben Mathis-Lilley identified Gina Haspel, who has been nominated to be director of the CIA, as having supervised the torture of a suspect named Abu Zubaydah in 2002. The report upon which that statement was based, a 2017 article in ProPublica, has been retracted. “It is now clear that Haspel did not take charge of the base until after the interrogation of Zubaydah ended,” the site says.


McCabe axed… right before his retirement so that he cant get full pension…omg.

this administration is fucking amazing.

i cant even tell if decisions are good or bad anymore but the velocity of all this is incredible


“Right to Try” bill passed with bipartisan support :tup:

The bill lets terminally ill patients request access to drugs the FDA hasn’t yet approved without going through the agency. Patients can request the drugs from manufacturers if the medicine has gone through a small-scale clinical trial and is still under FDA consideration.


I have mixed feelings on that bill. It gets peoples hopes up and provides sales for things that might not help in any way.

picture you’re going to die and I prey on you with some magic pill to go after your cash. I guess I’m more for it if it plays out the way advertised.


As long as big pharma can’t advertise these unproven products to dying people I think that’s less likely.

If you’re literally going to die (bill applies to terminally ill people only) and you have the means to pay for an experimental drug, I just think it makes sense to do it. By definition you’re buying something unproven; it’s a last ditch effort.

What could be interesting is if an experimental drug actually WORKS. It might advance research by untold numbers of years and save many more lives.

Very hard to quantify the intended/unintended consequences. I’m sure there will be both since no law is perfect.


I would have to assume these drugs will be associated with some sort of clinical study. Im not sure if you can advertise a drug thats not FDA approved.


Yep, has to already be in small scale clinical trial. So it can’t be snake oil because some pharma co is already putting their name & money on the line and stating the FDA process.


when i read ‘right to try’ to me it means things like cannabis and its many derivatives (in states where it may not be legal or where your condition is not eligible for medical in med-legal states).

It may also refer to things like regenerate medicine, stem cells or other emerging sciences.


Premier Li Keqiang said on Monday China and the United States should maintain negotiations and he reiterated pledges to ease access for American businesses, as China scrambles to avert a trade war.

my goodness. this is a whole other level of winning that i dont think anyone was expecting this quickly and this widly.

i can only imagine how much this would expand the US economy and the respective market caps of US tech, commodities and service companies if they gain even a 20-30% increase in penetration into the Chinese economy.

Only Trump could do this.

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i’ve been watching a lot of Peter Thiel’s media on YT this last week.

He has an interesting assessment of the trade war threats in this video:

Politics starts at 17:20 and again at 52:00 minute mark but the whole thing is good. He remains Pro-Trump, applauds the de-regulation and tax reform. On trade deficits he says that it is not clear what China or Germany can even do to the US given that they already have higher tariffs. the trade deficit is so clearly to the US’s detriment that Germany and China may not have any reciprocal means of fighting US tariff increases.

i really love his steel-man vs. straw-man argument. Steel-Man meaning making the oppositions arguments even stronger rather than re characterizing them based on their weakest or most easily criticized elements


Sorry, meant for the meme thread.


So US issues tariffs last week, China responds this week… and now the US doubles down with tariffs on $50B more of Chinese imports.


when was the last time something like this happened and how did it go?


Prices go up, it gets passed on to the consumer, government gets richer. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

edit: Shocker, the market is down 500 points now


China starting to crack?