This guy needs to be hurt bad!

UGH this shit pisses me off to high hell, what a fuckin scumbag, i hope he gets raped in the ass with a flaming stick, scumbag.

What an @$$hole, it’s just a puppy…of course it’s going to chew.

Meh. Whatever…better the dog, than one of his kids or wife.

And plus its better that the dog is dead, otherwise it would just endure a decade more of abuse.

Ehh, pretty bad. Not quite as bad as the guy who filmed himself burning a kitten alive. But pretty bad nonetheless. :tdown:

animal abuse is cool…really empowering.

lol yea i would imagine, but i dont have the nuts to kill a puppy

now i wish i didnt read that

people make me sick.

Titus Avenue home

nuff said…

I still don’t understand the difference between that, and hunting down deer with rifles…


no one shoots a baby deer, do you have any idea how defenseless a 7-8 week puppy is? The thing was probably starving out there in the ghetto and the broke nucca had to spend his flow on some rock for him an his bitch.

thats some twisted shit :tdown:

atleast people take the deer and use the meat, skin (in some cases), rack, ect. and it’s done in a humane manner (or supposed to be).

not taking it and clubbing it, then throwing it around a kitched till it bleeds out of it’s ear when it’s only 1.5 months old

What are you guys all here for?

convict 1: Armed robbery

#2: attempted murder

#3: beating a puppy to death with a broomstick. :bloated:



I HATE hearing about assholes like that. i hope he dies a horrible death!

Fucking A. Even the bible says an eye for an eye. (It’s in the book of Genesis of you don’t believe me.) He should be beaten to death with a broom handle.

A deer is hunted for food, as humans have been doing for thousands of years. A responsible hunter will only take a shot if a clean hit, meaning a quick and relatively painless death, is possible. It’s actually much more humane than raising farm animals in tightly packed quarters their entire lives until they get shipped to the butchers. Beating an animal to a painful death out of anger is fucking pathetic. Even the murderers in jail will beat the fuck out of this guy because even in their eyes, the dog didn’t deserve it.

I think they should get some mean ass pit bulls, rots, or what have you, don’t feed them for a week and let them and the guy spend a few minutes alone in a small room.

There’s your eye for an eye right there!

That’s fucking terrible. How could you do that to a defenseless puppy. I’ve got pretty tough skin, but when I hear about animal cruelty, especially cases like this, it really bothers me and pisses me off that there’s asshole’s like that around.

I wish his mom, dad, or legal guardian woulda done that to his ass when he was a baby and chewing on shit …