This purge yay or nay?

I think thats pretty sweet to have teh purge comin out of the cobras mouth, what do you think likey or no likey?

Tee up to that guy’s dual power adder setup, if you got the money to rebuild it after it blows up :smiley:


yay nay nay

purge is stupid.

outta the cobras mouth=:tup:


Cobra mouth is the way to go. Or I would do a dual out the bottom grill area.

YAYYYYY I was wating for that reply Butch!

have it purge near a flame…

… catch the test run on a vid cam. :tup:

I’m going to purge to spool. Just purge directly on the wheels of my turbos to get them rollin… from the intake side of course… so it cools the intake charge… and helps burn additional oxygen in the combustion chamber.

the black cobra around here has teh purge coming from the mouth, not sure if its Blades or not
i like it i guess

honestly Mike… purge directly onto your S/C or your intercooler and make it functional.

hmm…im with what Jack said…but if you want it to purge out…then out of the mouth then it would look pretty cool

The one skunk posted is sweet. The other is kinda normal, nothing “custom”


purge it out of the GTR emblems…oops i am thinking of a movie i saw once or twice

What? How are you going to burn additional oxygen by using nitrous oxide?


umm thats what nitrous does… it introduces more oxygen into the intake charge

Thanks Bry…

I was hoping he wasn’t serious… but I guess everyone has to start somewhere.