Time to get serious, Kserious

Some one has penis envy

does the quality of your manifold directly relate to the size of your penis?

Yeh I got T4 twin scroll bitches what’s that tell ya

You’re compensating for something :number1

It does indeed

sorry breh, never seen someone so ecstatic

eh my shitty, dirty ass 2 bolt ramhorn does just fine…it’ll do just fine with the new owner as well so I couldn’t care lessssss

:cone :cone :cone

Penis envy. This guy has it ^

I have a LOG, so you’ve got no comparison.

This thing sucks

you suck

Tis true, might as well buy a big truck too

Make sure its diesel

Things are coming along yet we are still hitting snags. Gonna need some help from my boy jesus to make it to the dyno on time.




damn lance you got the same one?

yea… im hanging mine on the wall

i LOL’d :rofl

Only reason I bought it

fuck that manigold

i don’t have a turbo manifold does that mean im a women?