Tinfoil crew: Holder: Drone strikes on US soil legal


The feds can eavesdrop on your phone conversations, spy on your e-mails, detain you indefinitely without warrant, habeas corpus, trial by jury, etc. now they can obliterate you from the sky before you ever see it coming.

America :tup:


I fully support drones in hostile foreign countries, even against US citizens if they are known terrorists and hanging out in these hostile foreign countries. Like this guy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anwar_al-Aulaqi Fuck him. You want to preach death to America and hang out in Yemen you don’t get to hide behind your rights to a fair trial.

That said there is absolutely no reason they should ever need to be used on US soil.


This isn’t news for the tinfoil hat crew. We have known this but people don’t believe it until it hits mainstream media, then they will believe anything.


Stock piling my RF jamming and GPS spoofing gear :slight_smile:


We need to give up our assault weapons in lieu of heat seeking missiles now.


WTB: Used Drone
Will trade AR-15s for drone in good shape


This is sketchy. On one hand Washington himself lead troops against American citizens on US soil to put down the whiskey rebellion so no the use of federal force against American citizens on American soil is neither unprecedented nor unconstitutional. But there’s something fundamentally different about assasination via unmanned drone that I haven’t had time to think my way through. Probably because drones are used for assasination, not countering imminent force with equal force. I guess it depends on how it is used. If it will be used the way they are used overseas (killing people while they go about their day, killing women and children on accident because the “surgical” thing is propaganda nonsense) then it’s definitely R time.




^ I was looking at adding a cam to my heli but it’s too small. My next helicopter will definitely be big enough to lift a gopro. :slight_smile:


So do you think we’ll ever know what that drone was that was spotted by a commercial aircraft landing at JFK? It’d be kind of funny if Pakistan starts carrying out surgical strikes against known terrorists in the US wouldn’t it?


I would love to see the US try to have that argument in reverse lol


Yeah, especially innocent women and chldren. Argue against that Obama!


Really hoping Obama is the ace of spades in their deck.


Guess no one knew about these… lol


There are others as well similar to the actual drone plane. Like colors and all. Just not as big as the real thing. The one posted is a 63" wing span.

You then can buy a helmet cam and have it 2.4gh controlled which will allow you to fly it out of sight with visual from the plane itself looking through the helmet monitor.

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I need because reasons


Are you asking for Because reasons? Or you are saying you have reasons, and you want? lol

My because reasons…to mess with people that are too paranoid. They cant say no or its illegal, I’m just flying my rc plane. (just not near the airport or any federal building) lol


^ Actually RC planes have a specific exception to FAA regulations that require them not to fly above 400 feet and they must always we withing visual range of the operator. That visual range part is going to get you in trouble when you start flying from a helmet cam beyond visual sight lines.


A small but very powerful strobe light could make it visible for miles, I wonder if that would suffice. Technically you can still see it.


So who’s to say you lost sight of the plane. “Prove it” would be the first thing I’d say.

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lol exactly. That and a telescopic lens. lol


Well for one you just admitted it on here.