Tinfoil crew: Holder: Drone strikes on US soil legal


You could just pretend you didn’t know you had to keep it in sight right?

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I think at that point your control radios would be something illegal anyway.

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But anyhow, Rand Paul is filibustering Brennan’s nomination now because of this. Funny since Brennan is the one who said that using force on American soil is outside of the scope of the CIA. It was the attorney general who said that yes drone strikes on american citizens on american soil are possible. Such is politics. Precision comes second to ambition.


I’m sorry I thought this was America?
It different, I would love to screw with people with it. I do like the disclamier about it being shot down lol


As an individual operating an RC aircraft via a video feed I doubt you’d face much more than a, “don’t do that again” if you got caught, assuming you didn’t do something stupid like fly it over to the airport and mess with incoming flights.

Just bringing up that technically it’s illegal. And with all the new about drones I’d expect someone in your neighborhood to be calling the police/news/FAA when they spot your little AR drone cruising over their house and they don’t see anyone around that could be flying it.


I would be more affraid of my neighbors shooting it down rather than the cops. Untill I fly it around the I-90…


I could see it now, we would have drone wars in our neighborhoods. The government would just send a drone out to shoot yours down and act as if nothing happened.


Anyone want to become a folk hero? Be the first one to shoot down a federal drone over US soil. There are bounty/rewards you could collect too.


Another use for buck shot rather than an AR15. :slight_smile:
The minor problem is that they all have cameras on them :smiley:


You guys should watch the epic filibuster http://www.c-span.org/Live-Video/C-SPAN2/




Gorgon stare.


Late night at the office, been listening to Rand for about 4 hours while working. lol


I hope he breaks the 26 hour record


Skynet its here


Finally tuning in. 8)


I just saw poll results that said 36% of Americans think drone strikes on US citizens on US soil are OK. This country is sofa king we todd did. Seriously, we are screwed if people are this dumb.


Well we have essentially 50% liberal and 50% conservative so…14% of liberals may have drawn a line in the sand it would seem. Seriously though, why the fuck are people so keen on giving away others liberty and thinking it won’t come around full circle?
'Merica 3.1 is outdated code…we need an upgrade.


isn’t it sad? I think we need to make a big push on education lol.


It’s funny I was reading comments on CNN and other places a lot comments were “I don’t get why he cares if we blow up terrorists overseas with drones”

So im pretty sure people didn’t read the article or had 0 idea wtf he was bitching about lol


I don’t want to get old if people are already this fucking stupid.

“My own military killing US citizens inside the US?? Sounds good to me!”


Brain Kilmeade on Fox this morning said he wanted terrorists killed anyway possible. I try to see if he actually drools on himself while sitting there.