TMP Opening Day Shit Show


First Lapping Season for Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Ontario Canada as Crashes, Corvette caught on fire and Fist Fights broke out.

Pics ;

A Very Dumb Overtake in a corner;

3 way drag race;

Fist Fight;

Corvette on fire;

Alot more happened. These are just the ones caught on Camera

God damn.

How many of us are on this forum? Let’s all chip in and buy 20 acres and build our own lol

It’ll be like area 51, only members have keys.

edit - after watching these videos, I have no interest in driving next to anyone, and I’ve never been on a track.

I’d rather pay $1000 to rent it to myself for an hour.

saw this from a few people on IG. what a cluster F

Several people needed a lot more ass whooping than what was done in those two shitty fight vids.

Where the hell were the track workers through all this? Should have been blacked flagged and people sent home WAY before it got that out of hand.

How many of these accidents were covered by track insurance do you think?

Probably none lmao

I can pretty much guarantee no one there had track insurance. Going to be some fun small claims court cases I bet.

There was a guy who worked there explaining that typically opening day for lapping is dead. Either no one shows up, or so few people show up that very little staffing is needed. He said one year no one came and he just lapped by himself.

This year everyone has been stuck inside because of the virus.

Combine that with this:


The pursuit of dreams never stops.​

In the beginning, we only held local track days for local Chinese groups. Many of the people who were interested in the track days had no relevant experience. We held a track day with classes and instruction so everyone can enjoy motorsports and the thrills of speed.

As one of the major Time Attack series and Asian performance driver community in Canada, Northern Speed now announces ABSOLUTELY ZERO TOLERANCE on any kind of aggressive/dangerous behavior showing NOT respect to others including ignoring the rules, dangerous passing, verbal attack, fighting off track, etc.

It’s a time attack group for mostly Asian students from what I can tell. Pretty much inexperience combined with expensive cars.

The track was always relaxed before this. They never even required helmets. But I hope it’s not a black eye on the track itself, but rather the group that was there. Plenty of GOOD track events have been run at TMP.

Several comments like this on Reddit:


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These are a bunch of Toronto/Mississauga rich boys. Very close friend of mine works at the track and tells me all about their bullshit they get up to and all the litter they leave behind and how disrespectful they are.

Imagine taking your RS3 there just to have some inexperienced clown pull some bullshit. What a disaster this was, how fun!

Fuck that RS3 anwyay. I was driving north on the skyway coming back from the beach yesterday in my girlfriend’s '17 Golf TSI, that RS3 passed me doing at least 100 mph in relatively dense traffic.

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