TNC Members please read!!!

ok well i know alot of people did not like kennedy commons as a meet location. to be honest neither did i. but for our first year we have done great. We have beat most clubs durring a one year period and have had a great turnout. we have over 1000+ users and growing everyday. we have over 40 Official members. and i think thats a great thing. I would like to know what is a good place for everyone. i know some members hold some unofficial meets at a different location hows the turnout. do you think if we make that the location we would get a better crowd? if so post up guys. most of you know me im easy going and im up for anything. I created TNC so we all have a place to hang out and friends to see. Im not in this to make money or anything i just want the people on these boards to have a place to chat friends to hang out with and have a good time. so let us know. and we can do some changes for next year. big plans.

Also i wanted to get all TNC members to come out to shows and events to represent TNC as a club. We will be offering alot of things next year as i will have the financial help of some of our sponsors to give out prizes, shirts, stickers Gas cards etc. I really want the site to grow as a group.

let me know what you guys have in mind all ideas are open so put them on the table.

Weekly meets are on and off which is the problem, if it becomes weekly I would only show up when I’m sitting at home with no plans. Once a month seems like a good time for an official TNC Meet. We should have different locations as well to make it fair.

We should also work out a once a year TNC official car show, show and shine, SBL drag and all that but make it official. Just a thought but im pretty glad at how this club is going. Maybe some more posts along the boards would be nice.


good idea…i think for the once a month…try and use a different location every time(there shouldnt be confusion because there’s a months notice and directions are posted)…but that would take a lot of organization and until its all settled would should have a single location…cuz at this point…i know for myself, i couldnt care less where it is…heck i would even go to KC if its a temporary thing till everything else is set up.

and the yearly show and shine idea is really good…if we could even find a dealer thats willing to host or someplace …that’d be awesome…but thats just an idea

my thought is that most member can bring out a vendor or two, local or w.e and they can help us set up the big show.

The reason I suggest switching is so one place doesn’t get boring, west enders / east enders are not always the ones pulling trips…I don’t mind it but it’s just fair.

yah that sounds like a good idea once a month then people will actually show up.

kennedy commons was only temp because i wanted to see how many people would show up.

also i can arrange the car show thats not a big issue. i can get a dealer no problem … i wanted to host at least one or 2 charity events (car shows) for sick kids hospital. and for us next year.

also ill be asking members who are truley interested in helping out to form a small team for events etc so its easier on all of us to get things done. everyone will be assigned a task to get the show on the road and it would be nice to have some help and not just me trying to get things done :slight_smile:

Im thinking of doing many things next year like shows for TNC, charity, a TNC BBQ along with our sponsors, 2 Cruises one at the begining of the season and one at the end. Also i would love members to actually come to events to rep TNC so we can get known abit more. We can have raffles, prizes etc. also ill be trying to get TNC clothing. shirts, hats, beanies, hoodies etc.

if im missing something let me know.

PS: if you are interested in helping out let me know. if you have a sspecial skill also send me an email and we can work on making a team of staff for events.


How about a Members only meet sometime maybe that will get everyone knowing eachother better before the big season next year. If you couldnt tell I’m making the switch from Son240 to TNC! I’d love to help out, I can work some art/design, photography and planning. Just let me know if you need anything.

sounds good man. we always looking for somone to make new designs for our forums banners pictures for front page etc. and somone to take cool pix.

Im glad your over on TNc i was on SON for abit then found it kinda lame cause to many flamers and hard to ask questions without the (know it alls) making fun or stupid remarks. TNC is abit diff we all get along and kep it cool.

But yah thats a good idea. maybe arrange some meets at a local sponsor shop and have BBQs and some stuff to give away?

anyone keepin there cars out for the winter? id say we go for a sno-drift event, that would be funny

Exactly what I had in mind. I’m thinkin bigger than TNC though,like full out show. Just Nissans would be cool to but you get the idea. Can you pm me the banner sizes,font size and style I have some things in mind :smiley:

I agree! we should have a meet and plan some more stuff out

I do not have two many skills but I want to help out TNC anyway I can! if there is anything that needs to be done, just let me know! I love the direction TNC is moving in and how fast it is growing. I want to be apart of the growth of TNC so again, if anything needs to be done, I would love to help out!

thanx guys. this post is open so if you think of something new post it up. :slight_smile:

Set up some drifting demo’s, I can volunteer to be a driver :slight_smile:

But I wont be driving a Nissan soon…

Ban:hmm ?

be nice to him… he’s currently a cripple/

I’m being nice "D Explain this cripple story though, sounds funny.

what you mean no nissan soon.

and for sure. i gotta talk to people to see if we can get that done.

send me your email and i’ll shoot over one of the banners, with the correct sizing and text layers etc.

i concur with the meets once a month, so everyone will try their best to get that one day off.
in terms of a car show, i think even if we just had a get together at a large park, we could bring out a few BBQ’s, and hopefully all the vendors and sponsors on the site wouldn’t mind donating some free swag, we could have a raffle. it can just be a day of lounging, getting to know everyone, and a cruise can also take place at the end of the day if need be. something simple like that, would show the staff’s appreciation to all of the active members that make this site what it is.

just a suggestion.

great idea kev.

and yah the banner for some reason dosent fit well at least on my comp. how bout yours? we need some new banners and something to add to the main page :slight_smile:

we should be encouraging people to hold their own meets and events. that way you (rick) dont have to organize everything.

we should have regional meets as well. i dont know what goes on in the west or north toronto, but i already meet with a couple of sr20 owners on here through the week on a regular basis at my shop in pickering. we work on our cars or go for a drive to some twisty roads. i know u guys in oshawa prolly meet up all the time and im sure we have enough people to put together a regular east end meet.

for the monthly official meet i would suggest holding it on the 2nd saterday of every month. that way everyone knows exactly when it is going to be.
have a vote on the location that opens up every month.
the vote should close on the first saterday of the month and the location with the most votes should be official. no bickering, no bitching, no bullshit.

the key to having successful regular meets is consistency and absolutes. people wont come if they think there might be no one there when they show up. set a location, set a time, dont chage your location and time for anyone. and be there when you say you’ll be there. that’s all it takes.

^^thats right bitches:C

If anyone has a camera make sure you bring it out to the meet on the 3rd…that way we can take some dutty banner pictures