To those who graduated... and are job searching.

How many times did you send out a resume before you actually got a job. I got my first, “that position is filled” letter… and feeling low. Was wondering what others have experienced.

what’s your degree in?

90% of what i sent out, even if they had a specific job listing, never even received so much as an automated “thank you, we have received your resume”.
took me 5 months to get anything at all and that was more through networking than pounding the pavement for job interviews.

unfortunately it often takes way too long to get something, so don’t be afraid to be picky once that time comes.

Networking is your friend. Its really the only way to get a job in this town.

sent out resumes.

i waited 4 months then got a call out of the blue

now i have the ob of my dreams.

i didnt send out a single resume. internships that blossom rule.

For real, no experience = no job. But how are you supposed to get experience without a job, well you should of interned somewhere and made connections. Me I interned for ford, got a job with a contractor for ford, then found a better job back here in buffaloe with my experience… Or you could know someone to get you in somewhere

Listen to this wise man.

One resume=one job. Still at it.

Had some help though. Its all who you know.

my boss wrote my resume. Knowing someone is sweet.

Now I get paid more than all my friends, do less work, geting school paid for, and getting job experience every day.

Being stuck in a call center is teh gay. i make OK money but its almost not worth how miserable i am.

My degree is electrical engineering… and I was actually looking at interships even though Im graduated… partially because I want to get experience and get my feet wet a bit… I have a bad feeling I’m gonna be searching for awhile.

the good thing about RIT is it requires co-op internships for many degrees. i was able to get a lot of experience, but unfortunately was passed over for most jobs because i was overqualified for entry level work. fortunately i was able to get in with a great company that offers amazing benefits, including paying for school if i decide to take classes again. not my dream job, but in time i think i can find it, even here.

If the job your looking for is around here, then you need to sell yourself a little bit. Instead of submitting it online, take it to the place and say hello while your there, show interest, and it also gives you a look into the place to see if you really want to work there, what condition the company is in.
Also, do your own job search, dont just rely on the job sites/boards. Find companies you want to work for and call them, go there see whats up. Lots of openings never get posted.
Use your school, I got a position through an alumni at UB.

Very Important: How is your resume? when its just the submit and hope situations your resume must be polished.

I have yet to graduate but I have had a plethora of jobs and job opportunities…

And a lot of them were not just $15/hour BS crap either as you know…

It’s all about networking, ANYWHERE.

I recently tho got turned down for my first job ever, you were there for that… even tho they say that “the position was filled already, you were just a backup…”

I know it sucks… don’t worry

come out tonight, I give you happy ending.

nothing truer than that statement.

I’ve never sent out a resume, and I’ve never been out of work. Only way its possible is knowing people… especially in buffalo.

yea… UB has meet a mentor program I think I should look into… while the mentors arent there to get you a job… I feel that talking to people in the industry and making connections could be a huge benefit. My friend I worked with in college is gonna hand in my resume at his work… he said they have a really nice program there with employees and recommendations… so, we’ll see… I’m not too worried, my mom and my grandma tell me I will do great and that Im cool, and their always right.

You just have to wait it out. Sadly it’s hard to find jobs quick in anything other than healthcare…

For those applying to jobs, you need a kick ass resume. I used a resume writing service and so far i’ve had great results.

My advice is to get your resume done professionally:


Use 8595 for 20% off.

I’ve used it twice in the past and both times, it landed me a job. I just used it again this past week. The price may seem unreasonable but once it lands you a job, it highly pays itself off.

the downside…as everybody probably knows…there’s really not much around here…which sucks…and yea having a great resume does help a lot…

thank god i took that resume class …LOL…that helped a lot…

but as most people say…u did your part…now u can only sit and wait

i tend to disagree with the statement “there aren’t a lot of jobs in buffalo”, i think it all depends on the field. There are lots of buisness oriented jobs like MIS, accounting and HR in the area… some marketing and finance. There aren’t a lot of jobs in engineering though, heh.

this is the absolute truth of this thread having internships on your resume totally increase your chances of getting hired. and as long as you bust ass at your internships, the chance of getting hired by the same company is pretty large. most companies hire interns in hopes of them working out so they can be full time once they graduate