Trevor's Triumph


Maybe it’s me, but, painted rocker boxes are the motorcycle equivalent of a PVC air intake and fart cans. I’m not against gold, just against painted rocker boxes.




I was going to anodize them. Not paint. No way paint.

I’m sure you were joking, but I’m not baller enough for gold plating. Fuck, even for those little rocker boxes, at ~$3 per square inch, I’d be looking at $100 per box. That’s not worth it.

I’ve already decided to leave the hubs straight vapor blasted to cut down on the gold. I could do the same with the rocker boxes. Just the levers being gold could be okay. I’ll get the frame rolling before I make any final decisions about colors.



(uploading fail)


Yea, I like this. Does that make me crazy?


Yeah, Cal’s son lol.

Did you contact Devin telling him this is how your delayed and expensive parts arrived? Seems like the more popular a company gets the more the CS/Quality suffers.