Trump Meme Thread (45th President of the USA)




Nothing says ‘reasonable and objective opinion’ like shielding yourself from stuff you disagree with. :slight_smile:

But really, this is all in good fun so I won’t be stopping.


Nobody in here shields anything. It’s just that most of the meme’s you post are lame.



Can we get a separate thread for the Left memes?


I’m not so sure they’re deserving of that…

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They probably belong here, but they don’t really add anything you can’t already find looking at every MSM news site so it’s easier to just filter them. I already know the lefts narrative from CNN, ABC, USA Today etc so I don’t need to see it regurgitated in poorly executed meme form too.


Politics aside, those “left memes” aren’t funny. I was scrolling on my phone going, WTF Onyx?! Then I saw it was Paulo…


I think Josh goes the extra mile to curate them and then order them in a particular way as to create his own narrative within a narrative.

with Paulo he wouldnt have the same quality of source material and is doing more of a straight forward cross post.

i will say however, that i get a mini-boner when i see this thread has been updated but now not so much.


wait. they are still peddling the russia narrative? With all the information coming out about it?


This may seem crazy to some of you, but perhaps being Trump supporters creates a slight bias.

I look at Josh’s posts and definitely see some funny ones. But there are a lot that aren’t based on reality, simply not funny, or beating a dead horse. It’s the nature of memes in general.

Keep an open mind. Laugh at both sides. :tup: I’ll keep it in mind when grabbing new ones, but damn there a lot to choose from.

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I’ve front loaded a lot of popular but older memes to ‘catch up’ to the most current things slowly. Lately, I started mixing it so it didn’t just all seem late.


i think one of the other reasons the left memes dont work, and probably why good memes dont work for lefties, is because they dont get that things like the stormy daniels thing isnt memable because its awesome. and oooh comparing her to ivanka? yeah she’s your next president soooo…


I don’t consider myself a Trump supporter, I’m a supporter of the presidency, even if another candidate had won. They’re just not that funny. But some are.

Like objectively speaking @Paulo for example the black chick one about the gov’t shutting down. Even though republicans control the gov’t they obv don’t control the whole thing. So the dems and repubs shut it down because Dems wouldn’t budge on DACA. So both sides shut it down.

Also if you support DACA, please explain why. This question comes from an actual immigrant who wasn’t born in this country, who’s family filled out paperwork paid thousands of dollars and learned the language and never took a gov’t handout (My family and I).

I’m listening.

EDIT: Don’t reply with “they’ve been here there whole lives” From the moment each individual turned 18 (majority of DACA dildos are in their 20’s and 30’s) they knew they were here illegally. I think there should be a window for them to apply to give them a fair chance though.

But doesn’t matter cause if the gov’t stays shut down, they’re all huntable starting in march. Yes huntable is not a word, but it is used by this man:

I’m sure this get moved to the other thread.

The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)

Sorry guys, busy work day yesterday. Can’t let memes be my dreams every hour of the day!


Wait, the memo thing is still going on? What’s needed to get it released?


Sometimes it’s nice when you take a day off and then we get the overload of awesome memes the next day.


did Trump Jr actually tweet that?

i like him now.


This one?



I feel like I would want to hang with Don Jr way more than Eric. He kinda seems like a turd.

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