Trump Meme Thread (45th President of the USA)



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Its the blatant fake bullshit like this that Liberals believe that makes me sick. How do you read something like this and not question it?


The spice is in the truth, reason #1 the left’s memes suck so bad.


Exactly. Neither side is perfect but when you have to try soooo hard to make someone look bad its just not funny anymore.

If something needs a salesman to push the hell out of it its probably not worth its weight in dog shit.


CNN even reported it as fake.

So I guess that means it’s real?

The amount of concern you guys have about left memes being accurate vs right memes is hilarious. :lol:

If you spend time fact checking memes because you consider them a legitimate source of information, you’re gonna have a bad time. Or just keep posting Hillary memes because that still matters.






If the Dems can’t applaud for the lowest unemployment rate for African Americans and Latinos in a long time (ever?), is there anything worth clapping for? So busy hating the man on the stage they can’t even appreciate the things they’re trying to defend in the first place. What a time to be alive…



Proof of the Mandela effect!!! It is not Berenstein bears it is Berenstain Bears!!! :stuck_out_tongue: