Trump Meme Thread (45th President of the USA)







Ahhhh I needed that dose of memes. Tastes so good.


“This bad boy can fit so many fucking jobs in it” HAHA :cowboy_hat_face::+1:t3:



Jay-Z before he started hating on Trump:

Jay-Z after he started hating on Trump:

Don’t be like Jay-Z


lol that helmet is SO GAY

“Yeah UB I guess safety is gay”








Not surprised there hasn’t been anything since America got grabbed by the pussy in chief on here. Any of you figure out that this guy isn’t playing 3d chess, he’s playing 3rd grade checkers yet? Or still drinking the kool aid?


I miss you & @Paulo shitting on Trump, lol.

I don’t have any super edgy political cartoons like you do, but here are some memes and Twitter burns:


i dont see how you could draw that conclusion if you watched the presser.

but i can see how most people are coming to that conclusion; because they didnt watch it and because they just believe whatever the MSM tells them to feel.


Bing, I think you’re going a little heavy on the maple syrup. Settle down over there. I watched the news conference live. I watched the POTUS say that every major US intelligence agency believes Russia interfered in the election, but Putin says he didn’t, so he sees no reason why he wouldn’t believe Putin. He didn’t challenge him on any of it. He has a duty to his country to serve it’s best interests, not his own. He failed miserably.



Buried in memes again. See you in a few months:crazy_face: