Trump Meme Thread (45th President of the USA)


“spicy air” got me


I love all that Macron shit. As some of you know, I’m originally from France, a bunch of relatives voted for him.




Spicy air and comet pizza.


So much for that Manifort / Assange story…



This one got me shook hard. I can’t get paris out of my head and this one just explained to me why :wink:


Honestly, this is great for property values (dropping). I’m from there and I’ve always dreamed of having an apartment near the eiffel tower.


Can anyone on an iPhone read this post? I can’t and neither can @HouseS2K using an Apple product. (test post)


Works fine on my android. I had Mark try his iphone and its just blank as well.


Yeah I’ve had a few people now say the same thing. Works on Apple desktop computers but not phones, and not even on iPhones using a different browser!


Yep. Mark uses a Apple desktop so thats confirmed as well.

Very strange.


One more test bump.


It’s working now yayyyyyy thanks onyx!


It’s kind of working on my 8s+. It’s so slow scrolling and loading pics it’s basically unusable. Not sure what’s giving it so much trouble loading.


@JayS @HouseS2K support is working on it!

We determined this is a quirk of Mobile Safari, and has to do with the :before CSS operator being used with SVG, in a CSS style that is specific to lightboxed images, of which there are lots in the above posts :wink:

Memes broke the iPhone, lol.


It’s a real dog in Chrome on iOS too, not just Safari, but I’m sure it’s related.


Should be all fixed now :+1:


Yep, loading perfect and scrolling nice and smooth now.