Trump Meme Thread (45th President of the USA)




equal rights and lefts. LMAO




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That last picture is pretty bad ass. I wish someone had one of me like that.










That’s the spiciest batch in a LONG time.


What’s remarkable is that these keep coming. Non stop. Every day.

I would have thought a few months after the election it would have died out. But here we are 2 years later.


What’s more remarkable is this my main source for news. I see a spicy meme, I google it, I realize it’s true and just nowhere in the mainstream media. Welcome to the memestream media.


JayS are you me?

before checking this thread for the latest NEWS i was googling and saving articles demonstrating how it was known for years that environmentalists were the ones impairing PG&E’s ability to do wildfire management which of course led to the catastrophic fires. And yet PG&E is forced to go bankrupt without the ability to pass the costs on to the activists who are actually to blame

and then this article is fucking real:

I swear China is just laughing its ass off at us. I’m sure they are blown away it has already gotten this far.